The main attraction for me to Oregano was that  it is an anti fungal and also good for the respiratory system.  Diabetics have more of a problem with fungus as they are drawn to Carbs.  Carbs overloaded feed fungus as they turn quickly to sugar.  Fungus causes cloudy thinking, sinus problems, ear infections, muscle aches, migraine-like headaches, bladder infections, yeast infections, and thrush.  

Yogurt (less sugar, organic) is wonderful when added to the diet, but a pro-biotic acidophilus works wonders.  I hope I have helped someone improve their health.  As with any addition to or change of diet or etc. talk and work with your doctor.



(All Rescue.  They make wonderful dogs)

SAMATHA 14, (Chow/Sheltie)

ZACHARY 11, (Akita/Swiss Mountain Dog)

DUSTIE 12, (Annotolian Shepherd/Chow)

REMUS 1, (Great Dane/Boxer) He looks like a Great Dane.

ROMM 1, (Boxer/Great Dane) He looks like a Boxer.

The last two are brothers and my babies at 97 and 125 lbs.

Samantha is a doll.  She is the top dog (all 40 lbs. of her) She is doing well in her old age, and the babies do not mess with her.  Zachary is my guard. He patrols with all the rest to keep the property safe from opossums, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and etc.  He’s a jewel!  Dustie is my guard, especially for squirrels as they try to climb on the roof.  Romm and Remus are chewing my house down.  I keep looking for 2 years old…Maturity!



My husband was in Vietnam.  He was exposed to Agent Orange, hence, his many health problems.  We will get to all of them, but Diabetes is the one that controls his life.  A doctor once told me that Diabetes was to the body, as having Termites in your house.  Everyone is different, but Medformn had a great impact on blocking the absorption of B-12 which threw him into some dementia.

They now have him off Medformn and it took about five months to get his person back. He may have taken it too many years as he had been on it for about 15 years.  All I know is my experience with the drug, and have to relate to that.

 A doctor once told me, it is a wonderful and one of the most natural drugs for Diabetes. My husband had no problems with it in the earlier years, but as he grew older, (the elderly have more of a problem with B-12 assimilation anyway), that may have attributed to the Medformn problem.  When a doctor told me to give him sublingual B-12, (under the tongue)  3 to 4 hours before he took his Medformn, that helped immensely, but the doctor completely removing the drug did wonders!  My husband is 73. I am just elated after seven years to have my husband’s person back.

I hope  this information has helped someone, but always remember to work with your doctor, research your drugs, watch how the drugs react on your loved one or yourself, report any problems to your doctor and work with him/her to get that loved one or yourself as well as possible.  Doctor’s are not God, but we sure need them to help us give the best care for those we love.  I cannot emphasize  enough to research, research, research the side effects of any drug or herb etc.  

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