Now what exactly did my Grandfather mean by that?  Well, as I had accepted a relationship with Jesus Christ at the age of 15, I was considering the ramifications of my decision. It seemed to me, as I had a little bit of a temper, that maybe I had been hasty in my decision to accept what Jesus Christ presented.

I told Grandpa, as we walked to a church service one day, that I just couldn’t seem to love everybody as there were some people who I didn’t even like.  This was a stumbling block to my advancement in the progression of faith in Jesus Christ.  

That’s when Grandpa asked me if I wished harm to anyone, even my enemy, or people I did not like.  I thought about what he was asking me, did some soul searching and came to the conclusion that, no, I did not wish harm to anyone.  Well, Grandpa said, “that means you love everyone”. He also stated, that metal is not worth  much without a little temper to it.

Temper under control is strength.  Temper out of control is disastrous! Since I am much older and have walked in faith for many years, some days I have had strength and some days I have had disaster…I prefer the days of strength.  I despise to have to repent and I have to repent on the days of disaster.  Thank God, I have not had too many of those days, but I am not at the end of my days yet!



Turmeric (main ingredient Curcumn) is good for the brain, kidneys, pain, etc. The Curcumns have to have Black Pepper extract for increased absorption and bioavailability. I buy Curcumn and sprinkle it on eggs with Black Pepper and Italian Seasonings. I can feel it help with brain alertness. As with every Drug or Herb, check with your doctor before using.


My husband is diabetic and, as you diabetic’s know, it will eventually affect the Kidneys.  His were affected, so to counter, I listen to Dr. Richard Becker.  I was cleaning my house one day and there he was talking about the Kidneys and the herb Turmeric.

I was told by my husband’s doctors that he was at 40% filtering and the normal was 60%.   I was to try to maintain the 40% as he could not go up and at 15% you are on dialysis.  So, as I listened to Dr. Becker talk about the benefits of Turmeric to the Kidneys, I immediately went to and ordered the Brand GAIA HERBS,  Turmeric Supreme as I know they are excellent in freshness and purity.

I took my husband back to the doctor in about a month and a half and he went up to 50%.  Everyone, of course, is different, but you may want to discuss Turmeric with your doctor if you are having problems with your kidneys.  Do your research, and take it to your doctor as that way he can at least consider it for treatment. Turmeric is also good for other areas of treatment, but it has to have piper nigrum in it so that it can  assimilate into the body.  I buy GAIA Turmeric Supreme for my husband.



I am trying to get all my dog’s pictures up, but it is taking me a little longer to get the gist of everything.  I hope to get this blog together before long, but I am a very busy person and have to be patient with myself.

 Samantha is my 40 lb. Leader of The Pack. She is the Chow/Sheltie. Her tongue is blue/black, yet she looks like a Sheltie…smart like one too.  She is a Lion heart, but sweet like the Sheltie. She seems to be a 50/50 balance more than the others.  She can be fierce, but gentle.  She will bite the fire out of Romm and Remus if they mess with her, then will lick their faces!  They are four times her size…amazing!!!

Zachary, is very protective at 70 to 79 lbs. as he is Akita/Swiss Mountain Dog.  Like I said before, a Vet once told me that a mixed breed will be whatever they look like.

Zachary has the head and attitude of the Akita with the coloring of the  Swiss Mountain Dog. I just love him and feel safe with him around. Good Leader!

 Dustie is my protector for my husband.  I always tell him to watch my husband as the Anatolian Shepherd/Chow needs a job or they can be destructive.

Watching my husband keeps him busy as everywhere my husband goes Dustie goes, and lays at his feet. That way I can have Dustie come and get me or bark if something goes amiss. He will come and get me or bark on his own.  I did not have to train him to do that…a wonderful breed.

I love the mixed breeds as they are the best of whatever breeds they are.  I think if you raise them from a 8-11 week puppy from a good home, they will be great dogs as pets.

My three dogs are getting older which makes me sad.   Romm and Remus cause me to look forward to two years old as their mixed breed is Boxer/Great Dane and the Boxer side is very rambunctious  and calms at two years old.

Romm and Remus are brothers, and as I stated before, one is Boxer/Great Dane and the other is Great Dane /Boxer.  Romm is the Boxer/Great Dane and always into something.  He is my chew-up everything, jumper, runner, looking for something to get into.  He is just smart. A little too smart+ energetic sometimes, for my taste and personality, but will settle down if you ask him to.

 Now Remus, on the other hand, is very, very smart. He considers the problem, more than Romm, before he reacts to it.  He is the Great Dane/Boxer, and is a calmer dog.  If you hear him bark, there’s something there.

 He will let Romm run out to check the fence line and whatever else  Romm is running to at the moment.   If he sees that his assistance might be needed, he will lumber over to help Romm out.  If he, on the other hand, determines there is a problem, he can be intense.

They are both wonderful.  We got them at 11 weeks as someone had thrown them into the dumpster. Remus was the runt, but he is bigger boned and a whole lot bigger than Romm, who as puppies, was much bigger than he.

It is interesting to watch them develop into adult dogs. The rescue we got them from is wonderful.  They work through Petsmart to find good homes for them. Benfield is the Vet they use, so you know they are healthy dogs. I have always gotten my dogs from Petsmart. I have never been disappointed.  Always research the temperament of the breeds to make sure they match you and your family’s temperament.



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