Hebrews 4:11


How does one Labor To Rest?  Sounds like an Oxymoron to me. I could not seem to wrap  my brain around it.  Most of my life I have worked 12 hours a day, six days a week on the job, not counting, cleaning my house, cooking, all the bookwork, taking care of a child and etc.  What does this Scripture mean?   

We Never Know The Trial or Test “Related”, That Might Help Someone Else!

finally understood the meaning when I heard a minister tell this story. He stated that Sister Teresa had built an orphanage on donations and to the best of her knowledge, had  gotten everything permitted for the location and building, according to law.  He said that one morning when she had everything almost ready for the orphans to occupy the dwelling, bulldozers  appeared ready to tear everything down.

Satan will Always Use Strife To Fight You!

Everyone that had worked so hard to help Sister Teresa was out front of the dozers  trying to stop them. What a commotion…people yelling, the sound of the dozers; Sister Teresa went out and sat under a local tree, in the shade.  It seemed as if she didn’t care.  What Sister Teresa was really doing was, “Laboring To Rest”.

God Sends His Gifts In Strange Packages!

(Jentsen Franklin)

He stated, as Sister Teresa was sitting there, (under her tree) and the commotion was getting louder, and time was passing, a black limousine pulled up and the occupant spied Sister Teresa sitting calmly, under her tree. The occupant from the black limousine walked up to Sister Teresa and introduces himself as a former student and they converse catching up on old times.

God Will Always Send A Remedy…It May Or May Not Be The Remedy We Want.

Finally, the former student notices the commotion in front of the orphanage.  He asks Sister Teresa, “What is going on over there”?  Sister Teresa begins to tell him the story of the problem.  He decides to take leave of Sister Teresa and go over to the commotion to see if he can find a solution.  The former student goes over and starts talking to everyone and amazingly the dozers back up and disappear.  The commotion is over, and the former student walks back over to Sister Teresa’s location, under her tree. 

As her former student arrives, Sister Teresa is amazed. She inquires as to what happened.  Her former student informed her that as he was over the permit department, in India, he had the authority to dismiss the dozers. She had not mentioned the commotion or her problem, until she was asked about it. That is called TRUST IN  GOD!!  “LABORING TO REST”.  

When you have done right, to the best of your knowledge, or as Dr Charles Stanley says, “Obey God (you have to Read the Word Of God to know How  and What to Obey), and leave the Consequences to Him”!  Too many people try to work  (which is law, and Paul says, “we are not under the law”) their acceptance of what Jesus Christ did on the cross instead of accepting the gift and enjoying what Jesus Christ has done for us.

 I do not have to punish myself for wrong doing; Jesus Christ took my punishment for me. I have to accept what He did for me.  My job is to “Labor to Rest” or accept what Jesus did on the Cross. Let’s make it simple.  When I was born, no one had to teach me to lie, steal, cheat, envy, fight, wrath, selfishness, quarrels, become jealous, hate, etc. as I came prepackaged that way. I was taught not to do any of these things. 

Even though you may have been taught not to do these things, how many of us did or do  them even when we do not want to?  That is what the religious world calls Sin…all sin is, is Doing what God says Not to Do.  When Jesus was beaten He bought us access to healing, when those thorns were placed on His head, that broke the curse that was on man when God said you will till the ground and thorns and thistles will grow making it more difficult to provide for yourself.

Have Any of You been Beaten, Rejected, Despised, have

Grief, Sorrow, Pain, Guilt Etc.?

As Joseph Prince says, imagine every bad thing anyone can do…the worst of the worst, then imagine it like a Big Fist hitting Jesus. As each thing hit, Jesus absorbed all of it!  That’s what it means, when the scripture says He was despised, rejected, forsaken, by humankind. A man of sorrows and pains and acquainted with grief and sickness.

Ever Been Unappreciated? Ever have Weaknesses and Distresses?

His worth was not appreciated. He bore our griefs,  sicknesses, weaknesses, and distresses.  He carried our sorrows, was wounded for our  transgressions. He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities, (sin), when we sin, it brings a feeling of guilt.  The Chastisement (that Big Fist) was needful to obtain our peace and well-being for us and with the stripes that wounded Him we are healed and made whole. Isaiah chapter 53.

The sad part is, many do not understand that all that one needs to do is accept this wonderful gift…say Jesus I want what You purchased for me. I was guilty and You were not, but you loved me so much, that You took the punishment I was supposed to take and could not take.



You knew I had no way to get to You, but You came to me.  I will accept this wonderful gift and I am sorry because of my disobedience,  You had to do what was required to purchase this new life for me; but I now having accepted what you did, have the Holy Spirit helping me to say no to wrong doing.  I have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to say no when tempted not to obey Your Word. Thank You!!! Now start your race…pick up the baton and start running toward Jesus!  When trials and tests come, don’t look around at your circumstances, search for the Face of Jesus.

Grandpa’s Sayings:  Listen to Everyone, Then Make Up Your Own Mind!

Read the Holy Scriptures so you will know wether you are being told right or wrong. You must study for yourself as there are people mixing law and grace, (trying to make you work for your salvation). There are people and some ministers taking scriptures out of context…read for yourself.  My grandpa always told me to listen to everyone and make up my own mind, after reading the scriptures. People will act as if traditions were the Word of God…study for yourself. I don’t care who they are…read for yourself!!!!!!




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  1. Enjoyеd stuɗying this, very good stuff, aplreciate it.
    “We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip little by little at a truth we find bitter.” by
    Denis Didеrot.


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