Self-Righteousness, what does that mean?  I know God is not pleased with it, so I better  find out what it means if I want to please God, and I do.  The first part is SELF, and we all know that SELF is I, me.  Righteousness is right-standing with God…opps…now there could be a problem at that point.  I look at the Word Of God and that is a higher mark than can be  accomplished…so I need help


I found the best explanation…very, very simple.  Self-Righteousness is when I try to make myself and others believe that I am good in my own right…notice that word again, instead of, in Right-Standing with God.  I might say things like: I don’t curse, don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol, my dress is up to my neck, sleeves long, dress long, make-up or no make-up and in themselves, not bad things…but does it make us a little proud and make us feel we are better than others?  Think about that for a minute. I think it does…

 The Word of God does tell us not to harm our bodies…that means eating too much as well, It does tell us not to be drunk with alcohol, It does tell us to be modestly dressed, both male and female. 


The Word Of God tells me when JESUS died on the Cross He Purchased my Righteousness.  Now, all I have to do is ACCEPT what JESUS Purchased, just think of the worst thing anyone could do, the worst, and JESUS absorbed them all.  Just think of that, Hit…Hit…Hit…and He just kept absorbing them…amazing!

Like a Big FIST HITTING HIM, for every one of them; for me…He gives me His Coat of Righteousness and I give Him my ol dirty, ragged Coat, that I thought was a RIGHT Coat, and Wo-la! I now have Right-Standing with God. All I had to do was Turn my back on the old life and Turn toward Jesus and ACCEPT what He did.


When Father God looks at me, He doesn’t see me, He sees me Through the Right-Standing of His Son JESUS who Does measure up to Gods’ Rules and Regulations.  I know it seems too good to be true and not really fair, but…I accept the deal…the whole package…I Turn from the way I was going (that’s called repentance), and now I Turn and follow JESUS to a bigger and better life!!!!

I Accepted Jesus at 15 years old, and now I am quite a bit older. I shutter to think what my own path contained.  I know it would have been bad.


The work now is to LABOR to REST in what HE GAVE YOU, instead of saying, “Jesus I’m not good enough,” as my Grandpa used to say, “Sugar, God makes you good enough”.  You don’t have to crawl up 15 flights of stairs, beat yourself with whatever, nail yourself to a cross…He already took the penalty of our wrong-doing…we want a part in our righteousness…we want to work for it, so we have ownership, so we can say we accomplished it (PRIDE AGAIN). SELF-RIGETOUSNESS…there’s that word again.

Go ahead, do all of that if you want to…you are under law if you do, to your own detriment…as for me, I accept His ways and plans for me and I dance and dance and sing…can’t carry a tune, but I sing anyway…God loves my singing…well…yes He does!


People who know me, will tell you, I do not start out dancing and singing. I tend to start out saying, “What is going on, NOW”!  I LABOR to REST, in other words, you have to labor at not worrying, not telling someone off, etc.

The best way to accomplish this is to SAY, “Gods’ Word Commands me not to ____________, you fill in the blank and in JESUS NAME (the reason you have to use Jesus name (remember) is, He Purchased your righteousness you didn’t). He is the one who will give you the Power to beat whatever it is. You have to READ GODS’ WORD to KNOW what He wants you to do…don’t just listen to others, READ FOR YOURSELF!!

I have said, when FEAR has come upon me, (and believe me, I had good reason for the fear that came upon me), “Gods’ Word tells me NOT to fear, so in JESUS NAME I’m not going to fear.  It took me about 5 minutes of saying that, but I felt the fear leave.  The more I say, in Jesus Name, I don’t have to do whatever it is. It gets easier…It’s not my power…it is His Power, helping me overcome whatever.

The Apostle Paul said, “Not that I have Attained, but that I Press Toward the High Mark of God which is in Christ Jesus. That is what Trials and Test are about.  I call this life on earth, “Gods Boot Camp”.  He is getting us ready to rule and reign with Him!! Just Google all the Scriptures. Ask where their located, and I will have helped you read and study the Word of God!  Hooray!!!!!!!

I Hope I Have Helped Someone Overcome Life’s Trials Today.

It Took Me Many Years To Figure Out How and What Jesus Provided For Me.

I Had Listened To Too Much Mixing of Law and Grace

Which Makes Life In Jesus Harder When It Is Wonderful!!

GRACE Produces WORKS of Beauty

Love, Gentleness, Kindness, Peace, Joy, 

I’m Still In Boot Camp!

Now, Billy Graham…He’s an Officer!!

I Wonder How Long Billy Graham Was In Boot Camp…

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