I need to be sure I am thankful for all the wonderful food, relationships, gifts…every little thing.  That I can see, hear, and am in good health overall.  

That I can take care of myself and don’t need a caretaker.  We take so much for granted, and we all do it, so let’s slow down. Let’s not run so fast…don’t have to have self-inflected wounds slow you down like…burning life at both ends so that sickness or etc. makes you slow down.  I’m speaking from experience!


In the book, “The Hiding Place”, by Corrie Ten Boome, she tells of questioning God when she had done so many good things for God and she finds herself in a prison camp infiltrated with “lice”.  Later she understood that the lice were a God-send that kept the guards away; otherwise,  she would have had even worse treatment.  That is something to think about when all seems upside down in life.  Just wait…wait…wait…all comes aright.  Jentsen Franklin said, while your waiting for a door to open, it’s Hell in  the hallway!  I have been there many times and have learned this myself…just don’t quit!


Just prepared some Butternut Squash, Acorn Squash, Sweet Potatoes and cabbage during the Holidays.  I used organic everything to prepare the dishes.  These are some good vegetables for Diabetics.  Remember in moderation, carbohydrates are wonderful.  Don’t forget to count the carbohydrates.  Everyone is different, so always plan your meals in conjunction with your doctor if you are Diabetic or have any illness.  


I make sure my husband gets some protein  before he eats his carbs.  Of course I have to watch how much protein he can have, as it affects  his kidneys if he has too many.  The protein helps keep his blood sugar level so as not to get spikes and cause him to crave more carbs.  Carbs is one of the main food groups the diabetic’s needs to watch. 

Everyone is different, so always check with your doctor before doing anything.  I find a little protein and fat, (good fat) keeps him on target.  He does have to have carbs in order to feed his brain and give him energy.  We just watch and limit how much and how many.



My pack is doing well.  They came through the Holidays just fine.  Their weight is still the same and since they run everywhere, they are in good shape.   I feed them Walnuts each month to deworm them.  I get them checked for worms (including heart worms) when I am supposed to…been doing this for years and so-far-so good.

 A Vet Assistant told me years ago that heart worm has arsenic in it to kill the worms and Walnuts have the same thing, except it is natural.  Now, I still have to figure out, based upon size and weight, how many walnuts to give each dog.  I give a 1/2 handful to Samantha, a handful and a half to Zachary,  Dustie gets two handfuls (he is old and even tho the same size in lbs. is impacted more than Rom or Remus) and two handfuls and a half to Rom and Remus…just a few more to Remus as he is 25 lbs. heavier than Rom. Always check with your vet before changing treatment.  I hope I have helped someone today.

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