I am trying to get all of the dog’s pictures up.  I haven’t gotten a good one of Samatha or Zachary or Dustie, but I’m working on it.  I have to get the taxes done first.   I have a picture situation that I haven’t been able to take yet.  I will take a picture as soon as I can figure out how to take it without disturbing them.   As soon as they see me, they will move.  It is hard to sneak up on two dogs, much less five to get a good picture as someone of the pack will smell you from one direction or another.  I guess I will have to slowly open the window and take it from there and zoom in.

They are all in good health, except for the old age crowd. I have to apologize for the mud on the deck in the picture.    We had rain for two days and mud is inevitable.  Everyone enjoy your day.  Hope I made you smile today!

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