It seems everything is related to stress or caused by stress.   I don’t seem to think I am stressed until five or six things start happening all within a small time frame.   The inability to wear metal costume jewelry that I have endured throughout the years doesn’t seem harmful until stress is added to the equation.

I never seemed to think of stress as bad as I have always loved to handle stress and I thought this is good stress.  Stress is what makes life interesting.  That energy that makes you want to get out of bed and go each day…that’s good stress.

 When you get up and go because you have to that’s still good stress in my books, so-to-speak.  It’s when you get up because you have to and you can’t wait until the day is over because of medical problems and loved ones that are medically challenged and you have no control over their controlling themselves and you don’t know when the other shoe will drop, so-to-speak, then it becomes bad stress.


I never thought much about allergies as I had seemingly few and they didn’t brother me much, but one day when I decided to go to a wellness doctor and saw all the signs in his office about the allergies of others; I began to read articles about allergies whenever I would come across one.  It never occurred to me that stress even caused the allergy.

It seems there are many factors that cause allergies or it could be a few.  I had used Ivory soap on my face all of my life on the farm.  I had taken a vacation trip and on that trip I stayed in a motel.  They had packaged  Ivory soap.  I took the soap out of the package and washed my face and all of a sudden, my chin broke out in a rash.


I just kept going and never used Ivory soap again.  I never thought about what might be going on in my system and figure it out.  Life keeps going on and I am in the fast lane and don’t have time to think about it, as problem solved; I omitted Ivory soap from my life.

I had married and my diet had changed to city food which is more processed.  On the farm you grow and table your food mostly straight from the garden.  Some things like flour was bought, it was processed, but not as finely as in the city.  At that time I never thought about my food and how it was processed, but then is when I started having allergies to certain things.

I had a child that later had all kinds of allergies and asthma.  After I had my child was when I developed another allergy…the nickel in metal. My doctor used something called Twilight Sleep while I was in labour, so I always blamed the allergy on that.  It may have been my diet, I don’t know and I didn’t research as there weren’t computers and Google  around.  It takes time to run to the library and do research, so I kept moving.


I was watching Bill Crosby do a skit on a hangover one night after work.  As I sat there watching, he described every symptom I had with migraines I had since I was a child taking peanut butter crackers to school.  I thought, how could I have symptoms of a hang over when I have never, ever, taken a drink of alcohol?  He had it pegged even down to cool toilet and cool bathtub as you’re throwing-up.  That started my research.


Over the years as I encountered dealing with a spouse with Diabetes and researched that; I found Candida Yeast.  Candida Yeast was the connection.   Not one doctor knew what to do when I would explain what was going on before or after I discovered my problem of Candida Yeast.  I started taking Probiotic Acidophilus.  I have never had a Migraine Headache or a headache of any kind after that.  In addition to taking care of my Migraine Headaches, bladder infections, sinus infections were also taken care of.  The plain old bacteria in Yogurt.  Now, WHY did the DOCTORS NOT KNOW THAT?  Instead I was getting a shot from the emergency room for Migraines that almost made my heart jump out of my chest…that’s what it felt like anyway.

One time I was in an airport and knew I had a bladder infection as I was hurting and I had them enough to know what it was.  My bottle of probiotic was in my checked bags and I did not see any health food stores at the airport.  I did see Yogurt stands, so I went up to each one and asked to see the ingredients of the Yogurt.  Only one  out of three had acidophilus in it.  I ordered a cone of that and about ten minutes later…RELIEF.  I have always added 1000 mg of Vitamin C every four hours with a big glass of ICE water in addition to the acidophilus.  I stay on that schedule for two days. I then have a doctor check to make sure infection is gone and nothing else is present to cause infection.

I seemed to have bladder infections  all the time in my past, with doctor trips and antibiotics then Yeast infections then back to the bladder infections…nonsense.  All I needed was Vitamin C, Ice water frequently (every 4 hours) and good bacteria…acidophilus about twice a day.  Where did all of the doctors I went to get their training?   WHY DID THEY NOT KNOW AFTER THREE INFECTIONS, THEY WERE MAKING IT WORSE BY GIVING ME ANTIBIOTICS?


Doctors are necessary, and I do trust them to a point.  They have a hard job.  They have numerous patients and those patients have to have individual treatment…one size does not fit all in the medical arena. They do not have the ability to see how each and every thing affects each patient and most of the time family members leave everything up to them even to watching their loved one.  Folks, doctors cannot do that, they are not GOD!

I am checking behind them whether they like it or not and most Do Not!!!  Not that I know everything either, but I can research and ask questions. There are a lot of Doctors that do have a God complex  and there are a lot that do not and welcome your help, especially now that they have only 15 minutes  allotted to each patient in most practices.  If I think a doctor is incompetent, or the illness is great, I get a second opinion.

Sometimes I have had no choice but to trust that my doctor knows enough and has enough experience and is open to listen to us as patients.   The doctor my husband has had for ten years or more, yes at the VA, is one of them.  I feel he actually cares, listens and still takes my hard questions and concerns with grace.  I highly respect my husbands doctors at the VA. I have not found one of them slack or lacking in care or knowledge.  I have been to so many outside of the VA, that I know a good one when I see one.


My encounter with eczema was recent, got it cleared up, but it seems that Eczema is stress + allergy = Eczema.   I had to have two allergies, a cold plus lots of stress to get Eczema.  I think I have an aunt that had it, but I’m not sure,  and in my research that did not seem to factor in even tho it was mentioned as researched and not part of the cause  of eczema.


In my case I used olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, Vitamin C, probiotics acidophilus,  coconut oil (cold pressed, organic) and Resveratrol with Turmeric most of which are antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and a whole host of other good ingredients with lots of water and bed rest. Tomato Soup (LYCOPENE) with Italian Seasonings packaged in other than cans (METAL ALLERGY).  I still have a little way to go to being fully recovered.  I did have to have  drug help in the form of Benadryl.  I used children’s fast melts that I use for my dogs. I only needed one fast melt every 6 hours for 2 days.  Check with your doctor before taking.

Benadryl Fast Melts worked the best for me to recover quickly.  It helped take care of the allergies.  Also, in addition I googled  foods or herbs that would delete an overage of heavy metals naturally.  It seems Cilantro, Parsley, Onions, Garlic, Cabbage, Eggs, grapes, etc.  So I ate Salsa with crackers and avoided canned foods for a while. There is coleslaw and many more…google if you need to find other items.  I like all of the above and didn’t research further as I can do that later.  Toxins leaving your body makes you feel lousy as well.  I had to give it a day or two for that.  

As with any changes in diet, drugs, foods, etc. always work in conjunction with your doctor as we are all different and I do not need high doses of anything to get well whereas others might need more.  I relate my experiences so that if related to your experiences may be discussed with your doctor.

Also, in my research to help myself, it would seem the bad boys are PROCESSED White SUGAR, and  WHITE FLOUR so, I stayed away from those items.  Sugar alone can knock  the immune system down for 24 hours.  I used Ezekiel Raisin Bread with Cinnamon and local honey which keeps the sinuses broken up and fungus and bacteria checked.  I even added about two drops of oregano liquid to my coconut oil, plus loads of heavy dry skin lotion. Eczema gone, Allergies gone, Stress still trying to manage, which may be the whole purpose of the TEST.





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