Has anyone seen this Creature?   I recently saw this creature in front of my entertainment center.  I thought it was a spider and, just maybe, one of the bad ones.  I thought I better step on it before it got away and got into our beds or clothes.   I proceeded to step on it when to my horror, it jumped three feet into the air and attacked me!

 I’ve never seen anything like it…what did I do…I called my backup plan, my husband!  I yelled at the top of my lungs, as he is hard of hearing, until he came as I did not want it to get away and not know where it went.  I never would be able to rest thinking it was lurking somewhere to jump at me again!   My husband came running to see what the mayhem was all about.   I yelled, “get the broom, I have a spider that jumps at you, so you have to stand back to kill it or it will attack you”!  He smashed it with the broom as I thought, “good riddance”.  I’ve seen wolf spiders jump , but not at you and they only jump about three inches and away from you.

I thought we had solved the spider problem when I went into another room and there was another one.  What did I do, but call my backup again.   I had all I wanted of jumping spiders…jumping three feet into the air and at me not away from me spiders.   My husband came and took care of that one as well.  I’ve never seen these creatures before and don’t know how they are getting in…I figure the sewage pipes in the restroom or the vents from the air conditioner…maybe a mouse under the house made a hole in the vent carriage  as the vent itself would prevent a mouse from entering, but not a spider.   OOOOOOOOW…scary!!!

The next one I found was in the shower either getting a drink of water or coming in through the  shower plumbing.  I don’t care as long as we kill it.   There are different sizes…big ones and little ones and they all jump three feet into the air directly at you!  I decided  to see if I could google it and find out what kind of spider this was. It was nothing I had experienced before and I grew up on a farm!

I googled the description and found out that the scary creature was a Greenhouse Asian Camel Cricket and they do not sing…as opposed to our black crickets that I am familiar with on the farm and throughout my whole mm years.  I read further and discovered that they Do Not Bite, they are Not Poisonous, and they Do Not Pose a Threat to Humans or to anything else except each other and another cricket.  They are scavengers and eat everything…EW,EW,EW,EW!!!!

The reason they jump at you instead of away from you is….you are big and they try to scare you away…which worked in my case…I haven’t tried to kill one since it attacked me!  The Asian Camel Cricket came from greenhouses and seemly have invaded the Eastern United States.

Of all the plants I have purchased throughout the years I have never seen one. My husband has killed about six of them and one got away before he could get to it.   I don’t know where it is…though I have been looking around corners etc. before I go there.  He couldn’t have gotten far…though I don’t know, something that jumps like they do could be anywhere…OOOOOOOW, OOOOOW, OOOOW!!!!!!  If I see him again, I will get the broom, stand as far back as I can and swoosh…take him out!!!!   Then run!!!!

The Greenhouse Asian Camel Cricket is a native of Asia, loves to reside in the Eastern United States in or near our homes and are driving out the native black cricket.  At least they do not sing!  As I researched I found out that they have another species of Camel Cricket that loves the Northeast.  It seems they are really useful to us humans, though they encircle the black crickets and attack them taking them out!   It seems they scavenge the dead stuff in our basements and garages etc. making themselves useful in that respect.   I clean up my dirt with a vacuum cleaner and a scrubber so they can just go on their way!  I will be fine without them!!!!!

The next time you see what appears to be a light tan spider that jumps at you…about three feet into the air, you will know what it is. 



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