On a previous post I had written about an invasion of Asian Camel Crickets.   I have since figured out where they are coming in…my Septic Lines.   In April of 2014 I had to put in Three Septic Lines as there are no Sewer Lines out where I live.  The men who put in the Septic Lines brought in two loads of dirt to help cover the lines.   The Septic lines are in my front yard where the tree in the picture is. That tree should never have been put there.  I needed to know the difference between Septic and Sewer Lines before I planted anything out there…I had River Birches and Maples…they will go twenty-five feet to find water.   They were beautiful, but I had to cut them down.  It broke my heart, but I did it.

It was about January 2015 that I saw my first Asian Camel Cricket that I thought was a spider.  I have found out that they usually come free-loading with plants and accessories from a greenhouse.  They live on sewage as they are scavengers.  They are harmless and useful unless you have an invasion of them…which I had.  They kill off the black cricket which is natural to my area.  At least the Asian Camel Cricket does not sing.  Tho, it does make them harder to find.

The Difference between Sewer Lines and Septic Lines are:

  • Sewer Lines are Solid Pipe in the Ground. That is what is Used in the Cities.
  • Septic Lines are Pipe with Holes  Allowing the Water and Sewage to escape through the Holes in the Pipe Underground.  They put them five feet underground around here as we have clay.  It is not Wise to Plant Trees  where you have Septic Lines (as I did, coming from the City) as the Tree Roots will Grow in The Holes and Plug your Pipes.  It is very Expensive to Repair or Replace Septic Lines, plus having to Remove some Trees and Drill out Stumps.

Now that I have figured out where the Asian Camel Crickets are coming in; how am I going to control them from taking over?  I have found the answer.  Find their PredatorThe Green Anole Lizard.  I have had one Green Anole Lizard for about two years that came in on a ladder we purchased at Lowes.  Thinking that we had a Gekko, and a male (It has a Red Bag under its mouth that flares when it is looking for a mate or aggressive) I went down to the pet store to buy it a mate as I have never seen another one around here.   I described it to the young man over at the Pet Store who promptly told me it was not a Gekko, but a Green Anole Lizard.  I questioned him on this, and he showed me a picture of the Green Anole Lizard

The Green Anole Lizard
The Green Anole Lizard

and that was what I had.  You can’t dispute a picture.  See if you can find him in the picture!  I’ll give you a hint…he is on the porch.

I explained that The Green Anole Lizard was all alone as I had not seen another one around and I was on a mission to get him a female or two.  He said he only had two left so I took them. I asked the young man what they ate…guess what he said, “CRICKETS”.  After I Thanked the Lord, I thanked the young man and took my two Green Anole Lizards and came home and let them loose in my front yard.  So far-so-good; I have not seen an Asian Camel Cricket  in my house again.  The Green Anole Lizards get up to 6-7″ in length and only lives in the wild to about five years, then dies…so let’s hope for many babies.  Also, everything is Natural!



PSALMS 138:8


The Amplified Version of The Holy Bible

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