Most young people do not realize if they do not eat according to the PH Scale (Human’s are 6.5 on the PH Scale with Blood a 7) that the Kidneys are designed to save the Human Body by taking minerals out of the bones to adjust and keep us regulated at 6.5 and Blood a 7.    Yes, schools teach the PH Scale and how to eat, but it goes in-one-ear-and-out the other, so-to-speak.  The News now reports that Children are getting the Diseases of the Elderly.  The PH Scale is like this:


1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12  13  14

Blood is  a 7 and The Human Body is a 6.5

When we Eat which side are we eating? Here are the Foods that are Acid and Alkaline:


  • EGGS



When we eat food or whatever, we do not want to get too much one way or the other, but if you have Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer, the Autoimmune Diseases, you are usually too Acidic.  To  Heal we seemingly have to go more to the Alkaline side of the PH scale to recover, sometimes up to a year for some and for others they have to make a lifetime change.

God (yes, God) made the Human Body to Heal itself in most instances unless we have so abused our bodies with so much Acidic Foods that we cannot Heal without help from a Doctor.  Many people healed of Health Problems, etc, but go right back to the diet that made them sick to begin with and later on down the road, they say, “the healing didn’t stick”…well go Figure!   If God Heals Me then I need to change from whatever made me sick in the first place…usually improper intake of food…ignorance as to how the Human Body works.

If I eat a Hamburger (Acid), then I need Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onion, Cole Slaw, Etc. with it to balance it out.  Do you eat a Honey Bun for Breakfast? (Acid, Sugar and Grains).  My husband had Gout and whole Grains and Meat and Sugar make it flare up.  I had made a balanced meal making sure to leave out bread, meat, sugar, yet, he still had a flare-up of the Gout.  I had fed him corn…vegetable…no,no…a whole grain…I was not stupid, just ignorant  of how we are constructed.

When we eat or when we prepare a meal for our families we are to be conscious of what we are eating according to the PH Scale.  If we do not do that we are in for trouble Health-wise.  It doesn’t mean we can’t have a favorite food that is Acidic every once-in- awhile, we just can’t have it every day.


The poor Kidney’s.  They have their work cut-out-for-them, so-to-speak.  The Kidney’s job is to keep our system’s regulated on the PH Scale.  With all the Soda’s (Acid), Candy (Acid), Cake (Acid), Cookies (Acid), Meat (Acid) how does it do it?   By pulling minerals from the Bones to counteract the acid, the Kidney’s do their best to keep us at 6.5, but when the Kidney’s can no longer do that because of the Acid influx, then we begin to see the Diseases above start.  I don’t care how much we do not like the RULES…THEY ARE GODS’ RULES AND WE DISOBEY THEM TO OUR DETRIMENT.

 I have heard so many men say, “Well, they can tell me what to eat or not eat, I’ll do what I want to…this was in Diabetes Class…they already had Diabetes.   God tells us what to do to stay well and how to do it…there are Rules…God set them up…we may be ignorant of them, but they are in place and break them and we pay for it with our health.  Christian or Non-Christian, we break them we pay for it with our Health.  I was ignorant of all of this until my Husband got sick and I began to research the subject.

I’m guilty of breaking the RULES ON THE PH SCALE…WHAT DO WE DO IF WE SUDDENLY DISCOVER WHAT WE HAVE DONE…THE SAME THING WE DO WHEN WE COME TO CHRIST “REPENT” BE SORRY FOR WHAT WE HAVE DONE AND TURN AROUND IN THE DIRECTION OF CHRIST…START OBEYING THE RULES.  Eat good meats like Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Fish…less Pork and Beef…it doesn’t mean you can’t have it,  just less of it…a lot less of it.  There should be three or more vegetables to one meat…and the meat should not take up the whole plate either.

 I love meat and potatoes and the more meat the better…well, I am having to turn around as I am starting to have Health problems and I am just now finding out about the importance of the PH Scale…at my age…how did I miss that information all my life…no one made it plain to me or I did not see the importance of that information and how it works in conjunction with the Human Body and how we are constructed.

 Well, I know now how the body works to some degree and Alkaline Water, Greens…vegetables…Raw and Steamed as much as possible keep us in good health.  Arthritis is not only from wear and tear, but from Acid Eroding the Cartilage in the Joints.

 God has Rules for our healing as well…the body is programmed to heal itself if the Rules are followed.  Believe and do what you want to as God does not make us follow Him or listen to Him…Just Know the Rules are there and in Effect.   I am Turning around as I want to be able to take care of myself and have a mind to be able to think as I do not know how long I may remain alive on this planet.

 I do not mean to sound preachy, but I had no idea these Rules were there, much less I was breaking them…I thought I was doing pretty good with my health.  Boy was I wrong…I don’t want to see anyone else go down this path of Health problems.  So I’m SHOUTING…“THE BRIDGE IS OUT, DON’T KEEP GOING IN THIS DIRECTION OR YOU WILL GO OFF THE CLIFF”!  Cancer, Diabetes, Autoimmune, Etc is at the bottom of that cliff.   I hope I didn’t get you too depressed, but GOD MADE A WAY FOR US TO HEAL.



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