By Erick R. Braverman, MD

A 6-Step Plan for Preserving and Improving Memory and Attention

at Any Age from America’s Brain Doctor

I saw Dr Braverman on a few of my favorite TV programs being interviewed concerning his book Younger Brain, Sharper Mind and was intrigued.  I purchased the book and loved it!  You may have a loved one that has challenges due to a medical condition or the side effects of the medications they are on.  

This book has helped me immensely  as I researched as much as I could to help my Husband and helped myself at the same time.  Dr Braverman has fun tests that help, plus it makes you feel good to find yourself with a high score.

 The tests he presents for different areas of the brain let you know where you are as you age…no cheating when scoring. Dr. Braverman’s tests show which area of the brain is stronger and which is weaker. Dr. Braverman  gives suggestions as to how to improve the weaker area to strengthen that area.

Part I:  A Balanced Brain

  • Chapter 1:  Brain Basics:  What is going on inside your head
  • Chapter 2:  The Causes of Cognitive Decline
  • Chapter 3:  Personality and Mood Changes
  • Chapter 4:  Identifying Memory Problems
  • Chapter 5:  Identifying Attention Problems
  • Chapter 6:  Identifying IQ Types  (Really Interesting to Me)

Part II:  The Braverman Protocol

  • Chapter 7:  Step One:    Early Testing
  • Chapter 8:  Step Two:   Smart lifestyle Changes
  • Chapter 9:  Step Three: Diet and Nutrition for a Younger, Smarter You
  •  Chapter 10: Step Four:  Exercises That Boost Your Brain
  •  Chapter 11:  Step Five:   Natural Hormones Jump-Start Quick Thinking
  •  Chapter 12:  Step Six:    Brain-Balancing Medications

Part III:  Your Brain, Your Body

  • Chapter 13:  Reversing Disease Makes You Smarter
  • Chapter 14:  The Daily Smarts

Appendix A:

 The Answer Key For The Braverman Brain Advantage Test


Removing Some Medications:  I found so many helpful solutions to help my husband.  His doctor took him off of his medication of Medformn…You would not believe how much that helped.

Diet:  Keeping his blood sugar between 99-130…like night and day.  Giving him B-12, B-Complex to balance the B-12, Turmeric, Niacinamide, Oregano, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3,  Pro-biotics Acidophilus, and Cod Liver Oil…amazing difference. The Vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil was given one in the AM and one in the PM, but not together as bruising occurred, due to their both being blood thinners.

I worked with one his doctors:  We took one step at a time, with lots of prayer and research, and not letting his other doctors give him medications which would be detrimental and unnecessary to further his health.

Guess What?  We took a man who could not, due to strokes and out-of-control diabetes, and side-effects of a medication, put a nut on a screw, even though his occupation was Industrial Maintenance where he knew Plumbing, Electrical, building Fences, Mixing Concrete, etc. back to knowing about 75% of what he knew about those occupations and what he can’t remember, he has relearned quickly…I am so proud of him!

 Let me give due diligence to God who led me to research I might have missed otherwise.  God led me to Dr. Braverman’s Book as well as the TV Program of Dr. Richard Becker of  I received so much information on Diet…as well as Doug Kaufman’s TV program centered around diet.   Be Careful to work with a doctor you trust as well as research for yourself these medications for side effects and pray, pray,pray!

“Remember, Always Check 
With Your Doctor Before Trying Any Changes To Your Diet or Medications Without Their Approval”

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