German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is one of the finest dogs you will find anywhere, but that breed may not be for you.  The German Shepherd Dog has these characteristics:  

  • Energy Level a 3
  • Exercise required a 4
  • Playfulness a 2
  • Affection Level a 3
  • Friendliness Toward Other Dog’s a 1
  • Friendliness Toward Strangers a 2
  • Ease of Training a 5
  • Watching Ability a 5
  • Protection Ability a 5
  • Grooming Requirements a 2
  • Cold Tolerance a 2
  • Hot Tolerance a 2

In other words:  The German Shepherd Dog is : Medium to Large in size, Loyal, Protective, Watchful, Easily Trained, Loves the Temperature from about 40’s through low 80’s. Has a Medium Energy Level with needs of Medium Exercise and Does Not Require Much Grooming: However, keep your vacuum cleaner handy.

Rough Coated Collie

The Rough Coated Collie is absolutely beautiful!  They would be considered a Medium to Large size dog. I never had one full-blooded, but I knew someone who did and his Rough Coated Collie was a knockout!  The characteristics of the Collie are:

  • Energy Level a 3
  • Exercise Requirements a 3
  • Playfulness a 3
  • Affection Level a 3
  • Friendliness Toward Dog’s a 3
  • Friendliness Toward Other Pets a 4
  • Friendliness Toward Strangers a 3
  • Ease of Training a 3
  • Watch Dog Ability a 5
  • Protection Ability a 3
  • Grooming: Smooth Coat a 1, Rough Coat a 4
  • Heat Tolerance: Smooth Coat a 3 (Short Coat), Rough Coat a 2 (Long Coat)

I had a mixture of The German Shepherd and Collie when I was a child and whenever we were to get our whippings for bad behavior  (which was an accumulation of bad behavior  for a month and  we had to cut our own limb from a tree) that dog would protect us. We had to go inside to get our whipping, which wasn’t much…it was the thinking about it for a whole month that hurt the worst.

 No one was angry when we got our accumulated bad behaviour whipping.  Maple Limbs hurt the least…never get a birch limb. It was so funny watching that dog protect us as he would growl at the one giving us the whipping.  It didn’t take us long to learn to run behind the dog to get away from the whipping.  I never saw anyone mistreat any animal on our farm.

The dog hunted his own food as well as received some food scrapes from the table.  I hated it when he got older and one day  wasn’t there anymore.  We lived near a wilderness area and I have such fond memories of that dog.  He would play with us as if he were one of us…a very, very smart dog.  He would lay in the creek that ran in front of our house when it got hot.  He had a favorite place in the creek where he would lay for hours in the hot months.  Good, good memories!  No one taught that dog these things, he was self-taught.

I am sure that a mixed breed in a litter will have different personalities, but I have never gotten a bad one from all the breeds I have raised.  Someone gave me a 6-month old dog one time, they had children between 7 and 8, a boy and a girl, and I said I will never do that again. That was one of the meanest dogs, it tried to kill every dog I had on the place.  I still kept her, but away from my other dogs until she was 13 and developed a mass and had her put down.   All my mixes I got at 8-weeks old and all have turned out beautifully.  I believe it has to do with how they are trained as well. 

“If You Are Thinking of A Dog for Someone For The Holidays,

Remember to Match Their Personality and The Breed’s Personality”



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