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Mixed Breeds

Chow Chow/Shetland Sheepdog


“Samantha Trying to Find a Shady Spot on The Porch”

Samatha watching Everyone
Samatha watching Everyone

Chow Chow Overview:

Chow Chow:  Long and Short Hair Coat
  • Energy Level a 1
  • Exercise Requirements a 2
  • Playfulness a 1
  • Affection Level a 2
  • Friendliness towards Dog’s a 1
  • Ease of Training a 1
  • Watchdog Ability a 5
  • Protection Ability a 4
  • Grooming Requirements:  Smooth (Short) a 2, Rough: (Long) a 4
  • Cold Tolerance: a 5
  • Heat Tolerance: a 1

Shetland Sheepdog Overview:

Shetland Sheepdog
Shetland Sheepdog
  • Energy Level a 3
  • Exercise Requirements a 3
  • Playfulness a 3
  • Affection Level a 3
  • Friendliness Towards Dog’s a 4
  • Friendliness Toward Other Pets a 4
  • Friendliness Toward Strangers a 1
  • Ease of Training a 5
  • Watchdog Ability a 5
  • Protection Ability a 1
  • Grooming Requirements a 4
  • Cold Tolerance a 3
  • Heat Tolerance a 3

Samantha being a mix of the two breeds Chow Chow/Shetland Sheepdog has characteristics of both breeds.  She is easy to train but individualistic.  She has Medium Energy, looks like the Shetland Sheepdog but with a Black/Blue Tongue characteristic of the Chow Chow.  Very, very intelligent and a controller in personality…Alpha!  She is a 40 lb. dog that controls  a 125 lb. and 150 lb. dog.  She was going after the 125 lb. dog’s bone the other day, with him growling and showing teeth, she kept inching toward him until we called her back…he could have killed her.

She is 15 years old and fearless!  I have had her, except for a few weeks, all her life and have found her personality wonderful!  Remember:  Veterinarian’s  say  a mixed breeds appearance will be the dominate  breed of the mix, so match the human personality with the dog’s personality.  Watch how the litter interacts with each other before you choose. If you are low energy and the puppy is high energy, that is not the dog for you.

“Happy Holidays”

Some Information From :

Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds by D. Caroline Coile, Ph. D.

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