It Looks like January is almost over and so much to do.   I have worked  on Taxes and Thank God for electronics to make it faster.  The key to a better tax experience is organization.  When those bills start coming in get those folders ready to accept all incoming, so at the end of the day, when the year is finished, Willa! Everything is in order to paperclip or staple to put in a manila envelope and cart to the CPA. All you have to do is pull appropriate files that pertain to taxes.   Medical, Donations, Appropriate expenses, and any mortgage  interest, etc.

I have seen people throw everything into a box, loose, and plant it on the Accountant or CPA’S desk and expect them to figure out where everything goes.  That would drive me up-the-wall, so-to-speak, unless,  that is all I had to do.  This is the time all my husband’s medical appointments are due, I need to get back to finishing painting my office…I have a little left to do and some touch-up.   I have ceiling fans going up in February, I need a bench top finished and my floor finished to be done.   I have major projects needed this year as well as help my husband on his project.

Thank God for all the things on my plate to do; it will take me all of two years to finish what I see in my minds-eye.  I see projects in pictures…I even see new projects after I finish these projects…its like placing new puzzles in front of a child that loves new puzzles.  The only thing negative is trying to do these  projects when I don’t feel well.

Even though those projects help me fight to get well to get them done.  I laugh at God’s sense of humor, I know when I don’t feel well it slows the finishing process and irritates me.   My wanting to hurry to get done works on my patience gene which has always been almost nonexistent.  So anything I can do to organize Taxes better will help me not to stress-out.  By-the-way, I need to work on that patience gene anyway.

“Have Fun Getting Those Taxes Done For 2015”

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