Update On Health

When I came out of the hospital, my yard looked like this:


I am doing very well and working with two doctors to manage my health.  One doctor is Internal Medicine and the other is a General Practitioner that has gone into the Wellness Medicine Arena.

Please understand, I had never had an inkling of my having Diabetes (had been checked). I thought the weakness that I had gotten had come right after a checkup of my back, so I attributed the weakness to the back area.  I was taken into the ER with 1000 Blood Sugar.

I was having bad charley-horse cramps and thought I needed potassium so was drinking orange juice, milk, eating bananas as the cramps would hit at 1:30am and 5:00am and were very painful.   I was trying to prevent the cramps from occurring.  I was on the wrong track and should have gone and gotten checked by my doctor.  It seemed a minor problem to bother a doctor with and the cramps would abate with potassium rich foods.

When I was almost 62 I had my last hot flash, which means hormones have been deleted.  About six months later I didn’t feel well, but had pain in my lower back and could not stand and work comfortably.   It was too painful to stand, not realizing I had bone-on-Bone in my hip…found that out later when I went to get my back checked out.  I did not take anything for the pain in my hip as I have seen too many problems encountered from aspirin to other pain relievers.  Six months later, after I had closed down one side of my business that required me to stand; God relieved me of the pain and I started doing all the things I couldn’t do before…climbing ladders cutting tree limbs, painting, etc.

I was rid of one problem and on to the next problem…the leg cramps started in the winter when I was not as physically active as the spring-summer-fall.  The more you work out physically, the lower your blood sugar goes.   My husband’s diabetes symptoms were different from mine.  Let’s just say, I had a misstep on my health.  That is why we independent personalities should keep in touch with our doctors appointments.

To make an already too long story short, let me close by saying most people with 1000 blood sugar do not make it and if they do, usually their brain is not intact.  I never lost consciousness, always knew my name and answered all the doctor’s questions with ease. I am pulling weeds, keeping my house clean, cooking proper food and counting carbs for myself and my husband, losing weight as one doctor wants me to do, lowering insulin intake slowly each week, as long as I stay within the nineties range.

I have a long-term as well as short-term insulin and I have gone down on units on the long-term more than the short-term insulin.  Doctors put me on long-term insulin that almost killed me with side effects as well as short-term did the same…had a time getting them to change insulin’s to another long-term insulin and short-term insulin…had to go with symptoms to the ER before the change and doctor lowered insulin five units when I went to the ER sick.  That is why I had to go to the ER four times…it’s been a wild ride, but I came out doing great on the new long-term and short-term insulin.

Also, I am a little more knowledgable about diabetes.  My husband has lost ten lbs.  God has been as always Faithful!  I went to grocery store with my husband when I got out of the hospital…my eyesight had been affected a little bit, but ok now…tripped and fell into the back of my husband.  Scared me, as I did not want to fall…little old lady came over to me and said, “Honey are you all right”…I said yes, and she asked me if she could pray for me.  With tears in my eyes, I told her yes, she could and right there in the entrance of the store she prayed for me.  I thought, was that an angel unawares as the scripture tells us we would encounter.  Either way, saint or angel, I was appreciative of the prayer.

“God Is Always Faithful, Even In Our Missteps”

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