Winter 2016
WInter 2016



Sometimes, this seemingly represents our lives. We need to find the beauty in both.  Enjoy the winter as well as the spring as it will not last long.  There is a serene joy in both!

 I find the challenge of winter is the essentials of keeping warm, keeping fed, keeping sheltered and paying attention to the season and what it is about…rest and recuperation.

Spring is warmer, provision is coming, the weeds are growing in the midst of my provision and it is my responsibility to get the weeds out of my garden.  Life is the same way, I am weeding out those things in my life that will not promote a better life.

The scripture tells us forgetting those things which are behind, fear, pain, poor health, finances a mess, relationships in turmoil, bad decisions, and reaching forth unto those things which are before; not that I have attained, but that I press to attain these attributes. (Philippians 3:12).

“I Have Left Winter Behind and Hopefully Learned It’s Lessons;

Let’s See What My Spring Holds…”


Spring 2016


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