Update on The Kings’ Pack

While we are out pulling weeeeeds, picking up branches, shaping trees and shrubs, our dogs are running around checking out everything that we are doing.   So we like to reward them for good behavior by giving them bones.  I am amazed that they get along as well as they do. Dogs I have had in the past have at least one that is a problem child, so-to-speak.  The pups are three years old now and Zach and Sam are too old to cause problems.  Maybe that is why they get along so well.  I am happy that they do get along.


Zachary is showing some signs of getting older as he checks the perimeter of the property.  He tends to stop more often to catch his breath than he did before.  

Samantha can’t halfway see or hear, but when Rom runs she will slowly run to back him up…if  she thinks he needs her support.

Rom is still learning to leave things alone.  He is getting better at not chewing on things that are not supposed to be chewed.  He loves to run and jump as he is part Boxer, but he can make people and dogs nervous with that action.  He needs to be more like Remus who watches everything and seems to know what needs his attention and what doesn’t.

Remus is perfect.   He is layed-back, easy-going, with such a good attitude.  You can pet him and say ok, and he will go on and lay down.   Remus looks more like a Mastiff  than a Boxer or Great Dane.  He lumbers along…no hurry to get where he is going. I know something is up when I hear that low growl…even I pay attention.  Remus’s growl carries such validity, that the whole pack comes to attention when he growls.  He is huge now and to think at one point he was the runt.  The Pictures below  are of Remus as a Puppy and  Zachary and Remus…they love each other.


Remus as Puppy (Runt)
Remus as Puppy (Runt)



“Dogs Make Life Beautiful”

“At Least Mine Do”

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