The Birds, The Bees, The Red Hot Pokers


The Black Snake…

I was planning to go out on this beautiful day and cut suckers off of the trees to get them ready for summer.  I don’t like any tree limbs popping me in the head with all those spiders, or, who knows what else is up there.  The tree does not need to support extra branches during the hot summer months, so, I cut them off.   I had to get through the breakfast cooking and clean-up, then on to the lunch cooking and clean-up…looked at the floor and decided to clean that up as well…also clean the fingerprints on the front glass door.

My husband walked into the kitchen and dashed my plans as he related that a black snake (about 4-5 ft. long) had exited  my rosemary bush going toward the strawberry patch.  That area was where I had planned to clean up the crepe myrtle tree.  I thought I would let my dogs out to survey the area, but decided that black snake was too valuable to expose it to my dogs; as they would make short work of the black snake if they found it.

That black snake lives under my house (was probably birthed there) takes care of all the mice…haven’t had mice in my house since he/she took up residence. Haven’t had a poisonous  snake on the property since he/she moved in.  I want to keep him/her around, just not around me.  He’s/she’s not poisonous; I just don’t particularity care for snakes.

I reasoned, what to do now that my plan had gone awry. I sat on the porch in my rocking chair and slowly rocked, knowing that the rocking action somehow called the green anoles’ to the porch.   As I sat waiting for the green anoles’ to appear (I love them as they eradicate the spiders, camel crickets, mosquitos, etc.) I noticed my red-hot pokers had these little tiny birds alighting and drinking the nectar in the flower.  I decided to take a picture…but no birds would alight.  I settled on the bees.

That is when I noticed the bees all over the flowers and sat on the bench enjoying them until I remembered the black snake prowling around the area, not far from where I was sitting.  I had gotten pictures of the bees, but not the birds…too flighty.  So, back to the porch.  All the green anoles’ were gone, but I had my pictures of the flowers, the bees, but no birds.  As I entered the pictures into my computer,  (now that my plans were trashed) I thought I would share them on my blog, even though I planned to do the blog tomorrow on a different subject.   I’ll just save that for next week.  I have to cook and clean up after supper, so, I will enjoy my garden and relax…maybe God sent that black snake to make me do just that!

“Life Is Good”

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