Update on Health


How important is my Faith?  I have found it to be ver-r-r-r-y important.   I thank God I reread the scriptures I had read all my life.   Standing once faith is decided upon is the next most important decision that I made.   The scriptures state life and death is in the power of the tongue…so I constantly quoted the healing scriptures, then I stood on them…which means I didn’t deviate from that position.  In the beginning very hard, the more I did not deviate from the position from the scriptures the easier it became to stand.

I am now off of all insulin and have been for some time.  Did I come off all at once…no.  I was under a doctor’s supervision and came down one unit at a time.  The first thing I did was to speak to my endocrine system (in the Name of Jesus) and tell it to heal (life and death is in the power of the tongue…I have been given the authority of Jesus Name) and started using less and less insulin and  constantly checked my blood sugars and what I was eating.

I had not been drinking sodas, eating what I call junk food for years, but I ate all that bread at sandwich shops.  I did not eat lots of sugar, but replaced most of any sugar with stevia, so I thought I was eating healthy.  Sometimes hormones change and can cause a major shift and not be aware of a problem with health.   It seems that with my last hot flash came my major shift in health.  Sometimes even working with a doctor the shift comes with our health and it is not caught…but most of the time it is. 

I am also off of the beta blocker…too many side effects…thank God I did not have any of them, but I did the same thing coming off of the beta blocker that I did with the insulin, I did it little by little.  That was more scary than the insulin, but little-by-little it worked as well.  The beta blocker made my blood sugar increase by 23 points so I started coming off of it at the same time I was coming off of the insulin.  I constantly checked my blood pressure as well as blood sugar.

I also discovered that after 26 years of cosmetology I had developed shallow breathing so as not to breathe in fumes from color, hair spray, etc.  I started watching how I breathed and taught myself to breathe properly.  My blood pressure is doing great though I did stay on a beginner blood pressure medication as I need to lose more weight and increase my activity.  I have not done foolishly with all of this as I could have died with either problem or have been disabled by either…scary…that is why I work with a doctor.

 That is why I checked both blood sugars and blood pressure constantly with meals and pressure about 2 hours after meals and activity.  I confessed the scriptures constantly as I did these procedures…it worked!  God is faithful!!!  Faith with works…quote scriptures then proceed is where I decided to go.

I was determined to trust God and His Word and succeed.  The scriptures also teach that a double-minded man will not receive anything of the Lord…cannot stand upon the scriptures and say anything opposite of those scriptures.  For Instance I could not say I can do all things through Jesus Christ then say I don’t think this is going to work…I had to say the same thing all the time…I can do all things through Jesus Christ (standing).  

I am still working on everything:  weight, diet, etc., but I don’t have to check on everything as much as when I first began.  I needed correction (Hebrews Chapter 12 Message Version) so I am thankful for Gods’ correction.  Sometimes we cannot see all aspects of a problem or even know there is a problem.  Life is a journey and we are not perfect…yet!  Christians are referred to as soldiers in the scriptures…that refers to warfare.

“Life Is Good”

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