House Filters

“MERV” Rating Important!

I know this subject may not be as compelling as others, but it is of great significance.  It is about 90-100* around here at this time of year and summer is sitting in proper.  We are going to be inhaling quite a lot of indoor air.  I came across this most interesting article about the subject in FC&A Publishing.   This is the essence of the article:

  1.  By using The correct furnace filter you can keep your lungs clear and A/C and heating running better.
  2. Filters remove pollution and microbes that cause allergies, sickness and even damage the lungs.
  3. How much the filters catch depends on the “MERV” rating…the higher the rating number 1-16, the less pollution gets through.
  4. A “MERV” lower than 5 won’t remove mold or other pollution.  A “MERV” higher than 12 blocks enough air to raise your power bill.

If your system is old or under-powered, go for a “MERV” of 5-8.  If a newer A/C, Heating System is used, choose a “MERV” between 9-12. 

  1. Check filter monthly when in use as a clog sucks up energy.
  2. Plants are considered a filter of the air as well.  These are recommended by a University of Georgia Study:
    1. Asparagus Fern
    2. The Purple Waffle Plant
    3. English Ivy
    4. Veriegated Wax Plant
    5. Purple Heart Plant
    6. Nerve Plant
    7. Weeping Fig
    8. Ming Aralia 

The Studies suggest that soil microbes and pores in the plant leaves may help clean the air.  A little diligence here and there and health is improved.


“Let’s Be Healthy This Summer”



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