“I Will Take The Faith Test”

“As I Know It”

The Prerequisite to Faith is Accepting Jesus Christ and His plan for my life.  After I do that,  I am given a Measure of Faith…the scripture says we are all given a measure of faith, when we do that. Romans 12:3, The Holy Bible

  • There seem to be a few components to Faith.  Faith is believing God can do anything…do I believe that?  Of course I do…I just don’t believe it, I know it, without a doubt!  PASS.
  •  Do I believe that God can and will do anything for me as an individual?  Yes, I believe He will do and can do anything for me as an individual. PASS.
  • Do I believe God Loves me as an individual and watches over me all the time…24/7? Yes, I do believe God Loves me as an Individual and watches over me all the time 24/7. PASS. 
  •  Do I believe that God will go against His will, just because He Loves me, and give me anything I ask for?  No, I do not…even though there is something called the permissive will of God.  I always pray that if I am praying out of the will of God, that He will ignore me.  I do not want to be like the Israelites, who asked for a king  and God gave them one to their detriment.  God told Samuel, the prophet, they were rejecting God not Samuel, the Judge.  I have the Bible (Word of God) to show me what the will of God is. PASS.
  • Do I have to STAND IN FAITH once I believe for something? Yes, I do believe I have to STAND IN FAITH when I believe for something.  To me, this is the hardest part to Having FAITH.  PASS.
  • Do I have to ask In Jesus Name?  He Bought My Benefit Package By Suffering and Dying For Me.  I Will Not Show Disrespect To My Savior, Plus, My Prayers Will Not Be Answered Without Using That Precious Name.  PASS.

STANDING IN FAITH  is a term that means:

  • I Believe, But Nothing Has ChangedYET!
  • I Do Not BEG God For Anything…He does not Like It When We Beg
  • I Pray and Continue On Until The Answer Comes…And, It Will Come

I Found The KEYS To Receiving In FAITH Is :

  • Asking
  • Thankfulness, That Things Are As Good As They Are
  • Praise To God For Al-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l (I had to spell it that way because He has done so much for me) He Has Done For Me, or, Just For Who He Is
  • Speaking Gods’ Promises To Myself…Gods’ Word, The Bible; That Pertains to Whatever the Prayer is About

STANDING IN FAITH has taught me patience.  Sometimes God will answer immediately, sometimes in three days, sometimes in four years and sometimes in two years.  STANDING IN FAITH is also known as Warfare.  I had a Dream in 2006 and didn’t see it come to pass until 2014.  I wrote it down in 2006 and put it in what I call my God File of Dreams…I don’t see every dream as a God dream.  I know enough about the Bible that when I have a God Dream, I write it down and file it.

Did I ever get tired of STANDING IN FAITH…you bet I did.  I learned through trial and error, that if I ever wanted my prayers answered, to use the KEYS in the paragraph above.  It made my answers received  faster and smoother.  It doesn’t matter if I am praying about Finances or Disease or Whatever, it works!  I found the reason It seemed not to work at times, was I was unconsciously Fretting or Worrying.  FEAR, Fretting or Worrying, opens the door to satan.  I refuse to capitalize his name in any fashion!

“Just Pray to God, In Jesus Name, Believe, Thank God For The Answer, Praise God




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