Gardening:  Flowering Plants 101



Gardening 101
Knock-Out Roses on Left Front of House
Knock-Out Roses out Front
Knock-Out Roses out Right Front of House
Air Filtering Trees: Crepe Myrtle with Lush Knock-out Roses Out Back right of house
Air Filtering Trees: Crepe Myrtle with Lush Knock-out Roses Out Back right of house

I noticed recently, that I have roses of every kind and color, everywhere!  I have roses on each side of the house, out front of the house, and out back of the house.  Why I had not noticed this before is a mystery to me.  So, I sat down and tried to figure out why this was.

I sat and looked at all the roses and began to sort through my memories from the past that could have influenced me in my plant choices.  I noticed that I had mostly Hybrid Tea Roses in the past, but now I only have one Hybrid Tea with all the others being hardy roses.  I love hybrid tea roses, but, I don’t like the babying of hybrid tea roses.  I only have one hybrid tea rose, a Jacob’s Coat, because it is exceedingly hardy.  I do nothing except water it.  I looked around again at all my roses from 4 ft. to 6 ft., red, yellow, white, pink and peach…why do I have so many roses?

As I sat looking at all these roses, a picture of me standing in front of these huge banks of various kinds, colors and fragrances of roses came to my mind.  My grandmother that raised me loved roses!  Tears came to my eyes with that memory…I lost her when I was 11 years old.  My mother had left my brothers and sisters and I when I was 5 years old and she was a replacement mother to me…I tear up at the thought, even now.

I could not have asked for a better replacement for a mother.  My youngest sister was 3 months old and I had to help take care of her so grandmother could cook, sew our clothes and clean.  I do not judge my mother for leaving…who knows what the problem was. I leave that to God as He always knows and judges correctly.  God took care of us!

Kings' Rose Garden… After a Rain.
“Jacobs Coat” Hybrid Tea Rose
Red Knock-out Roses Near Fish Pond Out Back of House
Red Knock-out Roses Near Fish Pond Out Back of House

My dad lived in a northern state and had no family there, so he brought all 5 of us and left us with his mother and dad…they were in their late 50’s.   Can you imagine the stress that placed upon them, but they never said a bad word about my mother or father. There were 5 of us, from 6 years old on down to 3 months.  They just took the responsibility upon their shoulders and right foot, left foot, until they were both gone.

I say this about my grandparents, not to get pity, as we were the most blessed children alive to have been left with them…I have nothing but praise for them both!  My grandfather did not like the roses as he had a lot to do and no time to trim rose bushes.  He, out of respect for my grandmother’s love of them, would stake a mule so far from the rose bushes so as not to hurt them; and let the mule trim the rose bushes and guess what…it worked!  Grandpa did not have a riding lawn mower, unless you considered the mule…mowed the grass and fertilized the grass at the same time.  Grandpa did not like horses for the same reason I do not like Hybrid Tea Roses, too much up-keep.

4 ft Roses out Back
4 ft Roses out Back of House

Grandpa loved his mules.  His personality worked perfectly with them…could be that Cherokee heritage of his.  I don’t know why he loved them, I just know they would mow and fertilize his grass, trim his rose bushes, pull his plows, pull his sleds and seemed to love doing it for him. Many times I would hear him sweet-talking his mules.  I would just, unknowing to him, stand and listen and observe.  

Every picture we had taken as a family was taken in front of all those rose bushes as a back-drop.  A few years after my grandmother passed, my grandfather pulled up every last one of those rose bushes as he did not have time to bother with them, and he wanted a road where they were located; and he was practical.

So, to answer the question, why do I have so many roses; unconsciously, I guess, I wanted to keep a memory of my wonderful grandmother alive, so that when I look at all my roses, I feel happy and at peace.  I also, want to share her with others through my roses.  I have noticed, people seem happy when they see and experience the wonderful fragrance, colors and variations of all my roses…that makes me happy!  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa for all the good memories!  I am a better person for knowing you both!


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