Miscellaneous Update



My Oldest Brother


Tremendous Loss!  Good, Good Man!  He did not post his picture, so, out of respect, I will not either.  His loss to his immediate family was an even greater loss than to my sisters, my  brother and myself.  We Celebrated his life instead of the great loss we all felt.  Keep his family in your prayers as they have a hard road to walk dealing with his absence.

My 15 Year Old Chow/Sheltie



Last Picture of SamatnthaChow/Sheltie We called Her: "Lion Heart"
Last Picture of Samantha. Chow/Sheltie          We called Her:     “Lion Heart”

“She Kept Everyone in Line”


She is running in Heaven with Bandit, Dusty,  Bearie (may not be in heaven as that was one mean dog.  She tried to kill every one of my other dogs and cost me large vet bills.)

Samantha will not miss Bearie if she is not there.  She will have a lot of fun running with Bandit and Dusty.  Bearie was 12 years old when she passed…good dog, but she did not like other dogs.  Maybe she made it to heaven, not to worry, if she did, God would not put up with Barie’s antics in Heaven, so, all will be safe.  Murder is not allowed in Heaven.


Zachary will soon join her, but I hope not this month.  Samantha raised Zachary…he misses her.  He is 12 years old going on 13 and kinda lost right now. Zachary is an Akita/Swiss Mountain Dog Mix.  Excellent dog!  A medium-sized dog.  Hope he decides to stay around awhile as my big boys would miss him much.  They were raised by both Zachary and Samantha.  It might be a little much to deal with right now as they just turned three years old.


In life we human’s have all kinds of losses and we have to learn to deal with each and every one of them.   A human life has always been of greater loss, but, we sure feel the loss of our dogs and other animals as well.

 Wether we lose a friend, parent, sibling, etc., it affects us either negatively or positively.  It is how we decide we are going to deal with that loss, that makes the difference.  I have “learned” to decide to go positive.

With each loss we should never shut down and wall up…makes it harder to get over the pain.  If we release them to God and trust Him with them, it eases the pain of the loss and we can become over-comers faster.    

We never get over their loss, but the pain of their absence eases as we go.  We should never rush the healing of loss…I have “learned” to lake my time!

I have done both, and, releasing the loss to God and going on is the best scenario.  We should always remember them with fondness; that way they live on!  I even try to forget Barie’s meanness, and all those vet bills, and remember that she would have given her life to protect me and my husband!  

That is always something good to remember.  Let’s Cry, and slowly go on down life’s road remembering all the good things and how we enjoyed knowing them!  They, human or animal, enriched our lives with their presence!

“My Brother, Paul, would say,

“God Is Good!”

“Samantha Would Agree”

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