My husband is doing very well and has been back watering the plants, digging up weeds, etc.  Sutures look nice and light pink and no swelling.  He has not seen his doctor yet as his doctor went on vacation and will be back next week.  I think he will be pleased with the results of his work.  

My husband received a call from a minister that asked him what color the fire was in Hell.   My husband immediately replied that it was orange. I told the minister that the only thing that my husband had told me that I had not put in my previous blog was that it is dark down there and everybody was dressed in black.  The minister immediately quoted me scripture to that effect, that backed up what my husband had experienced.

After the minister had hung up, I thought, “Why did the minister want to know what color the fire was in Hell?”  So, I Googled what the color of fire meant.  I was fascinated!  The minister was checking my husband’s story against the Bible for authenticity…as he should!  Everything matches scripture…he really did experience Hell!

In my research, orange fire continuously burns, whereas, blue and white colors consume whatever is burning, completely.  The Bible says, in Hell you will never burn up, so, the fire would have to be orange. Very, Very interesting!  Kudos to the minister that called him.  It should match the scriptures, or, it would not have been a true experience of Hell.  I am glad he asked that question of my husband.  We did not know that!

I believe he really did experience hell, as he not only saw what he saw, he felt everything…the burn of the fire, continuous pain, being chained, smelled and felt the stickiness of the air, the taunts of the demons, gnashing his teeth (like everyone else), and the darkness of hell.  He said he had never seen anything like it; and, he was terrified!  No wonder he was sobbing and thanking Jesus for getting him out and giving him a second chance.

I thought at first that it was the Anesthetic, but now, I believe, because of his upbringing, that it may have taken that experience to save him.  He kept saying he had never really understood what Jesus went through to save him, then, he would start sobbing again, thanking Jesus for his second chance.  He kept saying, “I thought I was all right the way I was.”  He had repeated the sinners prayer with the doctor when his 1st wife died, but maybe, he didn’t fully understand what he was saying.  I thought he was all right as well.

“God said,”Hell was not prepared for man, but for the devil and his angels!”

“If man goes there it will be because he choses to go there!”

“The Mercy and Grace of God is Amazing!”

“God Made A Way To Save Man”

“Jesus Christ”

“Turn Around From The Way You’re Going And Follow Jesus,”

“And, His Way Of Doing Things”

“You’ll Never Be Sorry For Your Choice”

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