Update On Husbands’ Health

My husband is doing well, except for one of his sutures trying to open.  I had to take him to an unscheduled doctor appointment.  He is diabetic, this situation is common to diabetics, so, the doctor decided to put him on an antibiotic and use butterfly bandages to pull the suture together until the actual doctor appointment next week.  I have to stay near the hospital, until the suture closes.

My husband has been doing well with his faith.  He has been reading his Bible all by himself, without any suggestions.  He actually has been praying for us, praying over food…amazing!  I had been working in my office trying to catch up on paperwork, filing, etc.  I had gotten behind with all the excitement around here; and, was exhausted that  night and went to bed.  

My husband wanted to pray for me before he went to sleep.  I said it was ok, and he began to pray for me, and I was fine until he got to the part where he prayed, and Lord, remember (and he called my name) and help her as she is caring the load of Three Horses.  He continued with his prayer and I thought I would explode trying to hold in my laughter.  He was so cute, honest, simple, and revealing in his petition.

I then burst into tears as I realized, I had been carrying a load instead of letting Jesus carry it for me.  I had no idea I was doing that!  I immediately repented for not trusting Jesus with everything and trying to handle things myself.  I thanked my husband for revealing to me that I was carrying the load and not turning it over to Jesus.  I was engaging in lack of trust in Jesus, which is SIN.  Holy Spirit works in newborns in Christ to correct us if needed….apparently it was needed in my case. 


The Butterfly From Hell!
Butterfly From Hell!

I thought I might relay this story of The Butterfly From Hell!  I was out watering my flowers, trees, shrubs and etc., when this Little Brown Butterfly began dive bombing my head.  Now, I have Big, Beautiful, Black, Yellow and Multicolored Butterflies that float through the air all around the place, but do not, dive bomb me.  The picture at the top of the page is where this Little Brown Butterfly resides…that is its territory, so-to-speak. 

I have never, in my life, had a butterfly attack me.  I thought it might be my fragrance or hair spray, lotion, etc., but not so, as all the other butterflies never acknowledge me at all.  Five times it flew at me, in my face, as I was watering the plants.  I almost killed it!

Maybe it saw a reflection of itself in my eyes…go figure?  I don’t even think it is a pretty butterfly!  As a matter-of-fact, I think I remember seeing that same kind of butterfly on manure piles on the farm.  Surely, I don’t smell like a manure pile? No, I guess not, it didn’t float down on me like they do on manure piles; it dive-bombed my face…maybe it has babies nearby.  

Well, the picture at the top and below, is what it looks like…appears as if it’s guarding its territory from my porch railing!  Needless-to-say, it is not, my favorite kind of butterfly, and, I think it’s ugly!  I didn’t kill it, though I was tempted, but, I do try to avoid it when I enter its territory!  All I can say is, watch out, if you have a butterfly that looks like this one.  Maybe it is not a Butterfly…you think?

“I Think It’s Possessed”

Butterfly From Hell!

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