Update On My Husbands Health

For those of you who know us, I thought I would let everyone know that my husband is doing well.  We had a little upset as his sutures burst open on his leg, which is common to diabetics.  The suture finally closed and he is back to watering plants, painting, pouring concrete, etc.

He has changed in so many respects in his recommitment to Jesus Christ.  He is praying, reading the scriptures, gentler, kinder, etc.  All the fruits of the Spirit are there and being utilized.  He is amazing!  His understanding of what Christ did for him and what it cost Jesus seems paramount in his thinking.  When he starts talking about the suffering Jesus took for our benefit package, he sobs.  That would be Isaiah 53:1-12.  What Love, that He would suffer in our place…He took what was our debt and paid it!

My husband had a dream last night at 3:00am and awakened me.  He said, “We were waiting for our son to come home and he did not show up so we had gone to bed”.  We were awake, when one minute after midnight, we started rising out of our bed and were immediately in Jerusalem where Jesus Feet Touched The Mt. of Olives and it split.  Jesus said, “I Am The Messiah, The A to Z, The Lily of the Valley.”  My husband said, “He was identifying Himself.”   Then He started opening the Book of Life and if you were not listed there, He would say, “I Never knew you”.  My husband said, “There were a lot of prominent people there.”

My husband said, “There were a lot of people telling Jesus what they had done for Him, when Jesus looked at them and said,”I have never known you,” and they slinked away, ashamed, like dogs.” Jesus kept Judging the people and my husband was standing beside Jesus when He turned to my husband and said,”Your next stop is paradise.”  My husband said, “I had already been judged and sent to paradise and my husband was next.”

My Husband seemed to be concerned with our son and the possibility of him going to hell.  I told him that our son had accepted Jesus at 12 years of age, but he would still sob and said, “Our son did not need to go there!”  When my husband awakened from his surgery, his first thought was our son and he did not want him to go to hell.  Last night, he kept saying, “I can’t lose our son to hell, he can’t go there!

My husband said, “There were multitudes being judged, but Jesus approved only 20 people out of what looked like thousands of people”.  The rest of the people were sent to hell when Jesus said, “I never knew you.”  Then my husband said, “Something big is about to happen!” The dream was meant for my husband as he and I were the only people that he was allowed to recognize.  I found his dream interesting, so thought I would share it with all of you.

“Life Is Good!”

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