“The Vacuum Cleaner and The Bird”

I was listening to a Minister the other day as I was arising from sleep.  He was telling a story about a woman cleaning out her birds’ cage.  As she proceeded to clean the cage she accidentally  vacuumed up her bird.  When she realized what she had done, she became frantic.

She turned the vacuum cleaner off and began to search for her bird in all the dirt and dust…etc she had cleaned.  She finally found her bird in shock and listless from the experience.  

She cleaned her bird as carefully as she could and set it back in the cleaned cage on its perch.   Her bird just sat there staring into space, so-to-speak, as listless as before and still in shock.  She waited and waited for the bird to return to normal with signing,  jumping and flying around the cage, but her bird just sat there with that same stunned look of shock.

When the story was completed, I started laughing and laughing until tears were streaming down my face.   I knew the story could not be true, but it fit in with the rest of the Minister’s comments.   I had enough sense to know that in reality, if a bird had gotten sucked up into a vacuum cleaner, that bird would no longer be in existence.  

As I thought more and more about the story…I now call The Vacuum Cleaner and The Bird; it is certainly true that life can suck you up when least expected, and by the time someone comes to your aid, you can have that stunned, listless look for a while.  I still laugh and laugh when I think of this story…it made my day!   It helped me get on top of all the mess that happened to me in February-October of 2016.  God does give us a break to catch our breath before another trauma comes along!

 I’m still laughing about that story.  It teaches us not to take life too seriously even when the subjects are serious!  I thought it was a good, good story to relate and maybe help someone else that has gotten sucked up by life, is still in shock and needs something light-hearted to bring them around, so-to-speak.

I am watching my diet, blood sugar, etc like a hawk.  My activity level is up and I hope to increase it slowly as time goes on.  Have I had set-backs?  You bet I have; but I keep quoting the scripture that says, “I can do all thing through Jesus Christ my Lord,” and keep going!

“Life Is Good”


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