Gods’ Protection

These Are The Marks of The Tree Hitting The Building Gas Lines!


My husband and I have been very busy priming, cleaning, patching walls, and trying to keep all the contractors from running into each other as we manage getting a rental ready for a new tenant.  What a mess we ran into, grease mixed with wax all over the floors, grease on walls, floor cut everywhere, etc.   We’re almost finished  as we got an estimate on the floor repair yesterday.   

We had an interesting occurrence as we were doing our part fixing the unit.  My husband had been repairing a problem outside on a ladder, at the front end of the unit,  when he finished and moved himself and the ladder to the inside as we were getting ready to quit for the day.  We had to wait for a contractor to give us an estimate on hanging a new door as the old one had been busted by something and had to be replaced.

While we were waiting, we heard a big ‘boom’ on top of the roof!  We thought someone was up there and had dropped something.  I asked my husband to go out and see who was on the roof.  He returned and stated that a tree had fallen on the roof.  I went out to look and noticed that the tree was dead, the wind was blowing quite a bit, and where my husband had been on the ladder working, two big pieces of tree broke off, from the impact with the building, and were slung right where he had been ten minutes before!  I had cold chills run down my spine, just noticing that, when I noticed the gas connection looked askew.

 I was on the phone with the insurance company and mentioned my observation to the agent who wanted me to immediately contact the gas company, which I did immediately!  The gas company told me to call 911 until their person got there, which I did!  Immediately,  the Fire Department came and checked for a gas leak inside and out and declared an all clear…told them the gas company had someone on the way, which they appreciated.  I took as many pictures, as safely as I could, as I waited for the contractor and the gas person to come.  This was a Saturday, about 3:30pm a couple of weeks ago. 

I went back to the unit the next Monday to take more pictures from the exact position of the fallen tree.  As I was in process of picture-taking, I felt another cold chill run down my spine!  I observed scrapes on the back of the unit, right where the tree hit my gas lines with such force that you can see the progression of the tree as it hit the gas lines.  My husband and I were sitting inside the unit when this happened, and had those lines broken, we would have been relegated  to history!  Thank God the tree was dead!  All was checked and given an all-clear from the Fire Department and the Gas Company!  We believe we have been left on the earth for a purpose;  for what, I don’t know!  We have had several close-calls this year, so-to-speak!  I guess we will find out eventually…we would like to know, now.

“I Immediately Thanked Our Angels For A Job “Well-Done”

“Praised God For Protecting Us”

And Declared,


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