“Mind Browsing”

Was sitting on my porch, just “Mind Browsing” the many things that need to be done and “chewing” on sermons and testimonies I had heard over the weekend and this morning.  Musing as to how to implement them to improve upon myself.

I thought about all the places I called this morning looking for ceiling tile for the rental I manage that had been abused by the last tenant, and finally found it.  I had called everywhere for Gypsum Lay-in Ceiling Panels #3270 Firecode, 2ftx4ft x 1/2″…finally found it, located in only one company that had it 17 miles from my location…now, I can get moving again!  

After, I trek back to the foot doctor for a check-up on my Diabetic husband’s feet, down to the VA for his Oncology appointment, over to the OrthoCarolina doctor to check on a gash on his thumb that we thought was also broken, but found was just a bad, deep cut…but, for a diabetic, crucial to get and keep checked upon until healed.  As I thought of all of this, a testimony of a woman I heard over the weekend kept coming to mind.  I sat and “chewed” upon it until a revelation became clear to me!

The many trials that I have been dealing with throughout life, and there were many more miracles, but, I seem to remember the hard times more than the good times!  The woman was testifying about how many trials she had and how she seemed to be in a position to be of help to all the other people in each trial.

It occurred to me, as I “chewed” upon her testimony, that sometimes we are put in a trial to reduce the dross in us, and be a light of Christ to others, in that particular trial to meet their needs and encourage them as their need may be greater than ours.  I had always “selfishly” thought of my trial, never thought that my trial might be, killing two-birds-with-one-stone in the spiritual world, so-to-speak!

 As I mused, I remembered when my husband was having Carotid Artery Surgery recently, as I was sitting alone in the waiting room praying and reading my scripture on my phone, in spiritual warfare, a lady came over, after I was through praying and had eaten lunch, sat down on my bench and started talking to me and I to her.  We discussed many topics while we were waiting to hear different news about our husbands, mine, when to go see him; her, just to hear anything.

Her husband was in surgery at the same time mine was and as we were talking I began to testify to her of the faithfulness and goodness of God.  She continued to talk to me and later into the conversation, I learned she was Jewish and a doctor.  I loved talking to her about the natural cures I knew about, and the problems the Jews had with certain medical issues, as my brothers grandson had one of them.   We talked until they came to get me as my husband was ok.  She had not heard about how her husband was at that time.

As I sat and “chewed” upon these memories, the revelation of what is going on in the spiritual world became clear. I began to remember different trials where others were helped in my trial , a problem fixed, etc.  I was improved upon either through my health, finances, problems exposed and fixed so others would not be exposed to the same hardship.  Time after time trials happened that way in my life.  Through good, bad, my trial always included others.

The people included in my trial might not have the ability to deal with those problems…amazing.  I never realized my trial was used by God to not only take care of a problem I had, but to help others, to be a light of Christ to others to encourage them, to help them overcome a health issue, financial issue, etc.

The next thought, I didn’t do so well with some of the trials,  I grumbled, lost my temper, acted out, etc.  As soon as I thought those thoughts, a scripture came to  mind immediately.  God will take that which is meant for evil and turn it around for good.

I breathed a sigh of relief knowing God fixes our failures and uses them to shape us and as a light for Christ as well!  Look at Job, Sampson, Joseph, David, Peter, Paul, and I could go on.  The idea is not to quit…realize this life is spiritual boot camp.  To grow mistakes will happen.  The scripture says when the righteous fall down they get back up!   If you can get rid of pride, you’ll get back up faster!

We all grow at different rates, we are all here for a short time; so, I need not be discouraged when trials happen, no matter how arduous. With the next trial, look around to see why I am in this trial and who has been included in my sphere of influence!  I need to have a time-traveler mentality…why am I here, and what am I supposed to change about the situation I am in?

“Life Is Good”

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