My Dogs

(Samantha, in the picture, is no longer with us. She passed in 2016 at 15 years old)

(My Dogs Are All Rescue.  Rescue Dogs Make Wonderful Dogs)

IMG_0847Zachary and Remus. Zachary chilling, and Remus guarding.

ZACHARY 12, (Akita/Swiss Mountain Dog)

REMUS 3, (Great Dane/Boxer) He looks like a Mastiff.

ROMM 3, (Boxer/Great Dane) He looks like a Boxer.

(The last two are brothers and my babies at 109 lbs. and 125 lbs.)


I just had my two big boys to the veterinarian and the conclusion is, they are both overweight, Rom by 9 lbs. and Remus by 25 lbs.  I can’t seem to get my husband to lighten up on the food.

IMG_0800Zachary is chewing a bone.

All looked good, no worms of any kind!  I give my dogs walnuts each month, based upon their weight.  Zachary is 70 lbs., so, he gets half a handful of whole walnuts or a handful of walnut pieces.  He is getting older as he is going on 13 which is almost the end of his life span.  He will more-than-likely be the next one to pass; and, I am not looking forward to the experience.

IMG_0809Remus is chewing a bone.

Rom on Guard
Rom on Guard

Remus is 125 lbs., so, he gets 11/2 handfuls of whole walnuts or two handfuls of walnut pieces.  Rom is 109 lbs., so, he gets a handful of whole walnuts or a handful and a half of walnut pieces.

They have never had heart worms or worms of any kind since I have had them on walnuts.  Walnuts, being a natural product, have arsenic and that is the main ingredient in  heart worm medication.

A Veterinarian Assistant told me about walnuts and their benefits for dogs. I was glad my dogs are in excellent health and no problems were found.  I have found rescue dogs are free of many health problems that blue bloods tend to have.

“Life Is Good”

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