Snow in the trees that lasted 1 hour in March 12, 2017


2017 blooming before snow that lasted 1 hour in March

Spring and Snow 


The Same Week!

Can you believe it, snow with temperatures  in the high 20’s on March 12, 2017? Looks like we should be happy as the Northeast is going to get pummeled tonight.  Been there, done that in 1978, Michigan was hit with a blizzard and I tried to go to work to my dismay.  I was the only car on the road, but when I started spinning around  in a circle; I decided to go home.

That was the year a decision was made to go south, and I love it here.  The one month of Winter (January), Spring (February-June), Summer (July-September), Fall, (October-December).  How can you beat that!  My Husband just mowed the grass with the riding mower and weed eater last week!  My Maples had just leafed out with the Redbuds still blooming.

I say, ‘let’s enjoy’ and hope my pears, peaches, plums and Nanking Bush Cherries are not destroyed.  So far the leaves are still green and look good.  The fruit had already set and the trees and bushes had leafed out…Let’s pray all is well!

Snow in March in the South!
Winter on Top of Spring on March 12, 2017. A lot of trees and shrubs had already bloomed, fruit set, and leaves out, then snow…looked beautiful!

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