Kings’ Corner




Chapter 11:4-5

Message Version, Holy Bible

Don’t stare at the clouds.  Get on with your life.  Just as you’ll never understand the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman, so you’ll never understand the mystery at work in all that God does.

I have been wondering how a little runt…the smallest of the litter, thrown into a dumpster in a garbage bag could later wind up with me and weighing 125 lbs and looks like a Mastiff with a personality as sweet as sugar.  Go Figure!

This scripture was my scripture for the day to muse and meditate upon as I run around doing this and that.  It is like that scripture is in background with my brain sorting through the whole thing.  I came upon Remus’ picture as a baby as I was doing something else, so I stopped, looked at the picture and my scripture for the day and rested for a little while, musing.   

It occurred to me that I needed to stop from all my activity and rest.  I wanted to enjoy memories of this wonderful animal that has brought me so much joy!  I plan to go outside and play with him in a little while, but I have always loved this particular picture.  Remus is a thinking dog and very obedient.  As I look at this picture, his expression is so cute.  It is as if he is thinking, “OK, What are you up to now?”… as he is posing for the camera at 11 weeks old.

Here he is now at almost 4 years old!

I will never understand what God is doing, but I sure am glad for this Big Bit of Sunshine!

Remus Guarding

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