Arthritis, Diabetes, Digestive Issues,,

Joint Problems

ESSENTIAL OILS, (with Information from Dr Axe publications as well as Dr Mercola) SOME NATURAL GOD-GIVEN HELPERS:

  • FRANKINCENSE Oil – (Best type, Boswellia Frereana), Resin-Gum.  Chemical Fighters in Frankincense are: Thujene, Cymene, Terpenes, Leukocytes and High Alpha-pinene Properties.  Known as the ‘King of Oils’, Relieves Anxiety and Stress, Reduces problems of Inflammation, Crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier, Boosts Immunity, has been shown to kill some Cancer Cells and helps the body fight off microbial activity.


  • EUCALYPTUS  Oil– (Oil Type:  Eucalyptus Radiata, Tasmanian Blue Gum, Evergreen Tree, Origin, Australia).  Chemical Makeup:  Anti-Microbial, Antiseptic;  1,8-Cineole, Eucalyptol,  Alpha-Terpineol and D-Limonene.  It is composed of 70% Oxide, 15% Monoterpenol, and 7% Monoterpene.  Eucalyptus is known for reducing Pain, Swelling and Inflammation of the body.  Through inhalation, reduces Blood Pressure and Pain Levels in the body.  Other Uses Are:  Respiratory Relief,  Mental Clarity,  Shingles Pain Relief,  Wound Cleanser, Household Cleaning Aid, Earache, and Sinus problems.

As with any Herb, Spice, Essential Oil or Drug, check with and work in conjunction with your Doctor before using.  These Essential Oils have been used for centuries in Ancient Medicine by the Middle East, Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Europeans.

 It is always Wise to Research, and work with Professionals in Herbs, Essential Oils and Doctors, both Naturally Certified and Medically Licensed working together to help with any condition for safety as each person has  different bodily compositions.  Always err on the side of safety!


“Hope This Information Pointed Someone In a Helpful Direction”



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