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Check Out Rosemary and Spikenard as they have many great benefits. Also, check the safety procedures as well.

I have been studying like crazy, or you could say, soaking up information like a sponge.  I am so excited with my course with Dr. Axe’s New Essential Oil Institute!  I love the Chemical Compounds and Chemical Families of Plants.  Gosh, I even love the Latin Names.  Guess I am a Nerd…doesn’t bother me!  

I always loved and have been interested in Electronics, but I love this just as much!  Knowing I can go to a doctor and tell him about Lavender, Rosemary, Spikenard for certain ailments and be able to tell him the dosage and the main Compound as well as the Chemical Family is a plus to me.

 I wish I could have found out about this course a long time ago.  Too busy building a business and go on to College, though, I do have some College.  I love to learn what I am interested in and I see what I am not interested in as a waste of my time; which I have precious little of.

My Husbands Health Issues propelled me into research of Alternative Medicine.  I also saw many of my Customers taking prescription drugs and having so many other health issues from the side effects. I determined I would not allow that to happen to my Husband.  I know God Heals, but He put so many Anti-Inflammatory  Plants and Herbs to help us as human beings, and taken properly, without side effects.  Amazing!  I am only just tasting Chemistry of plants and I love it!

The Essential Oil Area is like the Prescription Drug Area, a mine field.  Just as prescription Drugs are synthetic (you can’t patent a plant compound, unless you make it synthetic, but our bodies don’t fully support synthetics) so are many Essential Oils, which is dangerous!  I have discovered, unless an Essential Oil is labeled Certified Organic, even if it says,  Therapeutic, it should have Certified Organic on the label as well.

A lot of people are into Aromatherapy without knowing the dangers.  The sense of smell is so prevalent that a lot of aromas pass the blood-brain barrier and could cause damage if synthetics or too much is used.

 People need to be alerted to the dangers of Oils that have chemicals in processing as well as in growing.  I have never been into brands of clothing, except if a certain brand is well made and of good quality.   I view choosing an Oil the same way.  You get what you pay for.  If it takes 60 Roses to make a drop of Rose Essential Oil, it will not be cheap, especially Certified Organic!  So watch out when you choose an Essential Oil or you will wind up in worse shape.

I will keep you posted about what I Learn, but in the meantime, go to Dr. Axe’s site or Dr. Mercola’s site and learn for yourself the safety information. Also, be sure to check with a medical professional before applying oils or using Aromatherapy.   Especially look into the Chemical Family of Monoterpenes, and Sesquiterpenes and be pleasantly surprised!


“Hope I Helped Someone Today”


One comment on “KINGS’ CORNER

  1. Thanks Debra! I always enjoy reading your blogs! You are so educated about these things! Ray wouldn’t be around but for you and God’s grace! I didn’t want to be on any more prescription medications but my primary care md talked me into a low dosage statin for my cholesterol. It was only a total of 206 but he said for me to try for a month and they would take blood again to see if it comes down.


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