Kings’ Corner


Life In The Fast Lane


How does one retire, but find oneself moving faster than when they were in full-time work?  By having too many interests, in my opinion!  Oh, but I love learning!  Knowing about this and that makes my life so interesting!  Some learning one has to do to keep up with whatever is going on in ones’ life.  The more I learn, the more I need to learn, it seems.

I need to learn Medical knowledge, Computer knowledge, Nutrition knowledge, Writing knowledge, Cooking knowledge, Spices knowledge, Herbal knowledge, Essential Oil Knowledge; How to use all of this knowledge Together to an End knowledge, etc.   The thing that is so astounding to me  is, what I have learned previously, I have to amend or to update before I can acquire new information.

Sometimes this can be very frustrating  and very exhilarating at the same time.  The Joy of learning  a new task as well as the frustration of learning a new task and in some cases, seemingly, a new language can be very off-putting.  It seems when one looks into any field of knowledge, medical, computer, writing, law, whatever; they all have their own language (terminology ) one has to learn. 

Then the compiling of all of that knowledge to make something tasked work, is another puzzle.   One can love it and hate it all at the same time  That is what I have been doing since May 2017.  I get into all of this and forget to eat, drink, etc.  But, I have to stop and prioritize tasks so I can keep things around here on an even keel.  I feel I have to learn so fast to keep ahead of events that are occurring around me or I will get overtaken.  I start learning something, then something happens and I need to learn faster and faster to check the thing that just happened.  Let’s face it, life can be a pain and a Joy all at the same time!

My lane is getting faster and faster!  The only thing I know to do is cry out to God for help when, seemly, overcome and He always answers me!  He answers with, Yes, No, Wait, Encouragement, or Peace going through, but, He always answers me! Sometimes I tend to over think things, when I need to relax and see if  a Yes, No, Wait, Encouragement or Peace light has been given.  But, God always takes care of that too.  He has a way of getting one back on task when one gets off task.  He knows each of our personalities and how to lead us back to the task we should be prioritizing.  He is a good God to be sure, so-to-speak!

“I Hope I Helped Someone Today”


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