Health and the Healing Process


Artificial Intelligence

I was sitting on my porch thinking about all the subjects I have researched to find ways to further the healing of my husband.  I had mentioned before that Drugs do not heal, plants do not heal, but both together can promote healing through the immune systems’ ability to heal itself.

I was amazed as I was studying the immune system and the many facets of the body…This system coordinating with the other system to produce a healthy body.  My, how great God is.  It occurred to me that we are so wonderfully made, our  own power house, our fuel is food, the brain is the computer with nerves the network.  The body will heal itself if given the right nutrients.  It was made that way.

Then my thoughts went to Artificial Intelligence.  The military is using it in their research as well as many others.  Elon Musk, former Executive of PayPal, was researching Artificial Intelligence and decided to stop his research and to warn others about it as in the research, the machines started communicating to each other in a language (code) all their own.  

The speculation was that English was too slow and without notifying their creators, they took off on their own to speed things up.  Needless to say, the creators didn’t know what the code meant, as opposed to God, who does know what we are saying, no matter the language.

To put it bluntly, Elon Musk shut his research down out of fear of the thing he was creating.  You have to be able to have some control over what you are creating so that if the created thing gets out hand, so-to-speak, you can regain some sense of obedience or else it may destroy you.  Others, plus our military, are still researching Artificial Intelligence, though I pray they are putting in safeguards (at least manual controls that can override the Artificial Intelligence) that cannot be overridden by the Artificial Intelligence as we do our own intelligence.  What a mess that would be…ISIL on steroids!

I am following  Artificial Intelligence progression as I have a keen interest in the subject after hearing all of that!  Humankind does so much good, but, can do so much evil as well.  I have more concern for my grandson’s future than I do for my own as my future nears the exit ramp, he is just beginning  his.

Jesus was the answer to our rebellion, who would rescue the misdeeds of Artificial Intelligence?  Oh, that’s right, they are not Human…If they can make up their own language and can communicate on their own, then what is Artificial Intelligence? 


“Food For Thought”

“I Hope Someone Out There Is Thinking”



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