How Do I Know Gods’ Voice?


It would seem that this is a common question with a simple answer:

  • Accept Jesus Christ and His Benefit Package (One just has to say Jesus, I am sorry for my wrong doing,  I accept You and Your Benefit Package, that is It).  We all have done wrong things, so that should be easy.  A child has to be taught not to lie, steal, hit, etc.
  • Read Gods’ Word

When I accepted Jesus and His Benefit Package, in comes Holy Spirit to make me open to hearing Gods’ Voice, but I have to know what God has said in His Word to know His Voice, when He speaks.  He speaks through the thought processes and in dreams.  If I don’t know Gods’ Word it is very difficult to hear God Speak.

 And, even when I accept Jesus and His Benefit Package, I am to try the spirits to make sure it is God speaking.  Does what you think God is speaking match what the Word of God says?  Satan can also insert thoughts as well.  Sometimes he will mix scripture with additions or deletions, hence, we need to read the Word of God so we will know what the Word of God says, exactly!

I watch to hear from God throughout the day as I listen to my five ministers in the morning, or that person, friend or stranger, I meet throughout my day.  Am I perfect, of course not!  I am a work in progress and that is why I need to renew my mind by reading or listening to Gods’ Word, sometime, during the day.

For Instance, the other day I was driving to the VA.   I left in plenty of time and on the major highway I have to travel, there were two wrecks.  It made us about 15 minutes late for my husbands’ appointment.  There was a new little nurse, cute as a button, that kept admonishing me that the doctor would only have 11 minutes to give to us as we were late.  I explained that there were two wrecks on the main highway we had to use, but she kept saying the same thing, FOUR times!  My husband was stressed and his blood pressure was up and I handed him my inhaler I had made for him to lower his blood pressure.

That little nurse, told me to sit down and explained to me again that I was late… that did it!  I told her that she had already told me that FOUR times already and I didn’t need to hear it again, and, I am giving my inhaler to my husband as they had removed my husbands’ blood pressure medication and the inhaler is the only way to lower his blood pressure when he gets stressed!

 I also told her I did not intend to offend.  She said she was fine and I told her it was nice to meet another Choleric (Choleric’s are straight to the point on a subject and don’t get offended easily).  Then we went in to see the doctor.  That is what I mean when I say I am not perfect!

I had gotten up at 6:00 am to fix breakfast and pack a cooler so that in four hours we would be able to eat due to my husbands’ diabetes.  When I had gone in to fix breakfast, ants from some tomatoes my husband had brought in from the garden were running everywhere…I start killing them until they were all annihilated.  

Then, as I was getting ready to pour up the oatmeal into bowls, a tiny spider came swinging down from my cabinet, which just does not happen in my kitchen, probably from the garden as well; so I have to put the pot down and kill him/her or have spider in my oatmeal.

I had to be at the doctor at 9:00 am and I left the house at 8:00 am with plenty of time to get there, except for the two wrecks.  One, I may have overcome, but two made me 15 minutes late.  Then, I found out my husband had forgotten to bring his inhalers and did not tell me.  I had put one in my pocket, just-in-case it was needed, thank heavens!  So I was primed to get irritated to begin with.

We each have differing personality’s, but some mixtures are harder to deal with than others.  Choleric’s tend to take less junk than other personality types.  Choleric comes from Hypocrites naming the personality type Choleric from Colic in humans.  Not a pleasing thought when it’s your personality.  There are weaknesses and strengths in all combinations and there are many strengths in the Choleric if we work on the self-control area.


“I hope I Helped Someone Today”


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