“The Lord Will Perfect That Which Concerneth Me”

Psalm 138:8, The King James Version

“The Lord Will Accomplish What Concerns Me”

Psalm 138:8, The New American Standard Bible


I was standing in front of my kitchen sink washing my dishes and I looked up and  saw this Enormous Writing Spider developing a huge web that had been expanded from the corner of my house half-way across my kitchen window.  I groaned and thought, Oh, No!  

My husband hates spiders because he is afraid of them (due to a bad experience with a Tarantula in Vietnam).  I can take care of the ones in close proximity to me, but this one was in a place I would have an almost impossibility of reaching.  I mentioned the spider to my husband, hoping he would respond by saying, sure, I will go get rid of it; but just as I thought, he ignored me.

So, I groaned, and for a week, I groaned as I watched that spider and its’ web get bigger and bigger.  Then, as I was standing washing my dishes one morning; I saw a flutter from the peripheral side of my vision, I looked up and saw a little Wren, seemingly suspended in the air, flapping its’ wings for a few seconds, dart into the web and grab that spider, dispensing of the web in the process!  I watched in amazement!  In one fell swoop, that spider and its’ web had been dispensed of!   I was elated!

A few weeks later little spiders started building webs on my kitchen window screen, on the outside, and I groaned again.   I had just gotten rid of that Humongous Writing Spider a few weeks before and now little spiders (about three) building webs on my window screen; I thought, Good Lord, where are they coming from?  It has been a rainy summer.

 As I was washing my dishes later on in the week, about two to four weeks after the incident of the big spider.   I heard a tweet, tweet, tweet, as I am watching, that little wren is back clinging to the bottom ledge on my window with its’ little feet, going along the bottom of my window cleaning up the little spiders…got every one of them and their webs!  

That scripture from Psalm 138:8 came to my mind and every time I look out of my kitchen window, I think of that little Wren and Psalm 138:8 and thank God for His care for me and what concerns me! I feel loved of God!  And, no spiders to have to look at every day!  What a Good, Good, Good God!

I don’t even remember praying about what happened  with The Spider and The Little Wren. God Heard My Many Groans as I looked at the spiders day after day!  Now, no Spiders on or near my kitchen window!

Gods’ Word says, “He is Not a Respecter Of Persons!”

God Will Hear Your Groans Too!

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