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I have been chewing, so-to-speak, on several previous posts and have come to some conclusions on some Post topics:


  • What do Wrens do with the spider webs they took from my window screen and the corner of my house?  I Googled it and found out that they strengthen the bottom of their nests with the web and if spider eggs are in the web, they hatch out and eat the lice that would attack the baby birds.  I was amazed to find that out!  Thanks to God for Hardwiring them to do that!  I benefited!
  •  How to Pray Properly to receive the benefits Jesus died and provided for us as believers as in Healing.  I have decided after much chewing, so-to-speak, on the scriptures, that it is best to cover all the bases, so-to-speak, and pray to the Father, in the Name of Jesus for whatever I am praying for. Before Jesus died, one had to be specific in praying for healing and restoration.  When Jesus died and resurrected, Jesus Name encompasses all of the benefits as Jesus paid for them with His suffering and eventually His life Blood, therefore, when I pray for healing, Jesus Name is restoration as His Name means breaking the Curse, and, being made whole…Salvation!  It takes some of us a little longer to realize what is included in the benefits of knowing Jesus and in using His Name!  I have to repent, accept Jesus as Messiah and what He did for me before I can acquire His Benefits!

 I always prepare for prayer by renouncing all evil, repenting of sins (doing the opposite of what Gods’ Word says) known and unknown, forgiving any one of anything done against me, and submitting under the Hand or Authority of God, in the Name of Jesus!  That clears the way for God hearing my prayers.  I don’t pray from my feelings but from the Word of God (The Scriptures).

 I don’t beg God for anything, (God can’t do anything else as His son finished everything.  He can do no more.  We have all the tools provided for us.  Jesus broke the curse) but find the scripture that meets my need and pray the scripture and thank God, in The Name of Jesus for the answer whether I feel or see anything or not!  I keep doing that until I see the answer to my prayer…we are not moved by what we see or influenced by what we see, but only what the Word Of God Says, in The Name of Jesus!

I am careful not to make these steps a mantra, but a clearing out of debris that has accumulated with and without my knowledge.  I soberly think about each step so that it does not become a formality instead of a sincere repentance of wrong doing according to Gods’ Commands;  Not The Law, but commands under Grace.

Under The Law it was up to me to obey under my own strength, but under Grace, Jesus imparted the Holy Spirit to me, in that, I have a helper to help me obey and overcome anything that I encounter against Gods’ Commands.  I still have to make the decision to go Gods’ Way. Under Gods’ Way, I go higher and am improved as a person but if I go my own way, I do not better myself or others as I may, in fact, hurt others and myself…But I have to make that choice! 

I also keep short accounts of anything I do that is contrary to what God would be pleased with by reading The Word Of God, so I know what pleases God!  If I don’t read, I don’t know!  Last of all as I pondered this subject, and chewed, so-to-speak, I realized what the Apostle Paul meant when he said, “Not That I Have Attained, but that I Press Toward The Mark Of The High Calling Of God.”  In other words, I am in the Process of attaining!  

Another part of that scripture says, “Leaving those things which are behind, I press  toward the High Calling of God,” in other words, if I mess up, repent and keep going.  Only remember, whatever ‘Thing’ it was so as not to make the same mistake again…other than that, forget about it!


“Hope You Enjoyed the Research As Much As I Did”

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