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My Daffodil’s are blooming and the weather has been 75 degrees to 49 degrees in our neck of the woods.  Spring is on the way!  All at the moment, seems right with the world in the midst of struggle with health issues, but, we push ahead overcoming and learning as much as possible.

I was meditating upon a subject that I wanted to write about but haven’t gotten it all together yet, so I thought I would just update everyone upon my husbands’ health condition’s.  A lot of you know my husband and want to keep up on his status of health.

Leukemia’s (CLL and CML) were going down nicely, when something or lack of something, started them back up again.  The doctor says that is just the nature of the CML, but something made the CML go down and something or lack of something made it start back up.   I am interested to know, what exactly, that something was.  He was on  Tasigna for 5 days and went down from 48,000 to 44,000 white cell count.

He was also on Turmeric the whole time he was on Tasigna, and  continued downward on only the Turmeric and Myrrh.  He went downward from 44,000 to 29,000 from January 7, to January 22, 2018 just on Turmeric and Myrrh.  Exactly when he started going back up again and why is my question?  

He was not checked again until the 9th of February 2018 and his white cells had gone back up.  The only thing I changed was adding Organic Brown Rice back into his diet, as he loves rice.  Rice is an acid, a protein and a carbohydrate.

Did the Rice lower his PH  to make his body more acidic or did it provide a food source for the Leukemia’s? Or, did the Turmeric and Myrrh just protect him from the bad effects of the Tasigna with the Turmeric and Myrrh extending the reach of the downward projection of the drug?  Meaning, a case might be made for integrative medicine here.

He immediately went back on the Tasigna for 3 days (drug too strong for him on the 200 mg every 24 hours).  He was on another drug called Sprycil and took it for 3 months at the 100 mg dose and brought his white cells down to 10,000, but put him in the Hospital for 3 days with  the side effects of congestive heart failure with BNP numbers of 213.  

We had started with 2 capsules of Gaia Turmeric with piper nigrum (Black Pepper).  We did not have his dose yet as Turmeric has the same Chemical Compound in it that the Tasigna and Sprycil have (Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor).  He is on 10 capsules 5 x a day with each capsule being about 475 mg of Turmeric.  In India a normal person ingests 1800-2000 mg per day in their food.  I chose the brand Gaia Herbs because it comes from an organic farm in Brevard, North Carolina, with no fillers.  

The owner of a Health Food Store, (out of business for a while now, but was around a long time) introduced me to that brand.  Gaia Herbs does not have fillers and has shown me much improvement for my husbands’ kidney’s, post stroke, joints, and maybe extended the reach of the fighting power of the Tasigna without side effects.  

When I first encountered  Gaia Turmeric, my husband was told his kidneys were filtering at 37.  I asked what I could do to take the filtering back up and was told that I could not, just keep it from going down any further.  I guess they left God out of the picture.  I was coming down the hall of my house, had the TV on a Christian station that I had set the DVR to tape a Christian doctor, who had cancer and went into the alternative medicine field to get help, and he did get help.  

Dr Richard Becker from Texas was talking about Turmeric and the kidney’s.  I listened, went right out and bought the Gaia Turmeric with the piper nigrum (Black Pepper) in it.  In about a month my husbands’ kidney’s had gone from 37 filtering to 47 filtering.  When the CML started, it almost took my husbands’ kidney’s to dialysis, which is 32.  He was at 35 and the last check had him at 42 and improving on Turmeric with the piper nigrum (Black Pepper).  That last check was January 2, 2018.  

He started Sprycil again at half the dosage (50 mg) that he was taking last time.  He started it again  this past Monday.  We haven’t tried the Turmeric with the Sprycil (I remove the Myrrh when he is on the drugs and add it back in when he is off the drugs) at this dosage, so we will see what it does.  You-all pray this will get him down to 4-10, which is normal, and maybe the Turmeric and Myrrh can keep it down all by itself.  The drug Sprycil has a lot of bad side effects and we don’t want to stay on it indefinitely.  We will see…I’ll keep everyone posted!

Remember, every person has their own unique chemistry and  it is different from everyone else’s chemistry.  What works for my husband, may not work for you.  Always check with your doctor or find an integrative medical doctor to help you with your health problems.  Never diagnose yourself as you can make a mistake, as I have with my health in the past.

I had my last hot flash at age 63 and it threw my electrolytes out of whack (Hormonal).  My muscles started cramping and thinking I needed potassium, I started eating bananas, drinking milk which caused my blood sugar to go awry.  I missed it because I was looking for the same symptoms my husband has as a diabetic and my symptoms were different  throwing me into the hospital with 1000 blood sugar readings.

 I was on two insulin’s for 4 months and got off the insulin’s slowly by changing my diet and have been 5.7 A1C for a long time now without any medication.  I worked with a medical doctor that knows alternative medicine.  Always check with your doctor and go from there.


“Maybe Someone Else Can Be Helped Through Our Struggle”


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